Imparting self-defence training to girls and young women all over the State


YAT&C (YS) Dept. – Imparting self-defence training to girls and young women all over the State – Orders – Issued.


G.O.RT.No. 82 Dated: 18-02-2019
From the Special Commissioner of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP, Letter No. 1102/APSTEP/Trg/2017, Date:28.09.2018 & 11.12.2018.


O R D E R:-

 In his letter read above, the Special Commissioner of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP, has stated that imparting Self-Defence Training to women is one of the youth welfare activities proposed for the year 2018-19, which aims at educating girls and women, through selfdefence training programmes, to
protect / defend themselves from unsociable elements, besides providing them awareness and advocacy to build confidence and self-sustainability. He has further stated that this training programme will also create employment opportunities through ‘Training of Trainers’ and also to the trainees who may like to pursue the martial arts, as a profession, in future. He has also stated that this programme would also support the cause of physical literacy among the youth.

2. The Special Commissioner of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP has further stated that there are two parts in the process of conducting the training programme i.e., (i) Training of Trainers and (ii) Training to Women Youth Members.

He has also stated that the Training of Trainers (TOT) will be given to the Coaches / Instructors for 2 days at Visakhapatnam (Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram), Kakinada (East Godavari, West Godavari and Krishna), Guntur (Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore) and Chittoor (Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool and
Anantapuramu) covering all the Districts in the state. He has also stated that, as a whole, 300 candidates having black belt in Karate will be selected by issuing notification in the Press and electronic media and the list of eligible and suitable candidates will be finalised by a District Level Committee under the Chairmanship of
the District Collector with District Youth Coordinator, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Senior Coach of District Sports Authority, and representative of N.S.S/N.C.C. as Members and Chief Executive Officer, STEP as Member-Convener. He has also mentioned that
the Coaches/Instructors @ 20-25 per district will be selected in coordination with local Karate Training Institutions.

3. As regards the Training part, the Special Commissioner of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP proposed to adopt the following With regard to training part is concerned, it is proposed that: 
a) 12500 girls and women youth members all over the state @ 5 colleges per division covering 50 girls/women per college will be trained for a period of 2 months (non-residential).
b) The District Collector will select the colleges to impart the training programme.
c) The Principal of respective college will nominate one Nodal Officer from their college to supervise and monitor the programme regularly and submit attendance particulars to the CEO, STEP concerned from time to time.
d) The training will be given for 2 months in 60 sessions. Each session of class will be held for 1 ½ hours.
e) First 20 minutes of session will be breathing, warming, stretching, flexibility, fitness exercises etc.,
f) Next 60 minutes of session will be different modules (as enclosed)
g) Last 10 minutes of session will be cooling down and breathing exercises 
h) Two sessions i.e., 61st& 62nd would cover strengthening the psychological stability and sharpness by providing psychological counselling class and providing knowledge and advocacy (legal rights) and the legal solutions and the supporting systems available in both government and non-government sectors for which honorarium @ Rs.3,000/- for each session will be paid to
Resource Persons engaged by District CEOs.

i) An amount of Rs.5000/- per month will be paid to the Coach/Instructor for taking 1 ½ session per day on production of attendance sheet certified by the College Principal and CEO, STEP concerned. The amount will be released to CEO, STEP for necessary payment of honorarium to the Coach/Instructor.

j) Certificates will be provided by the Department of Youth Services to all the trainees.
k) The amount required for TOT will be released to District CEOs of SsTEP.
l) The amount for imparting training will be released to the CEOs of SsTEP concerned for payment of honorarium to the Coaches/Instructors on receipt of attendance from the Colleges.
m) Class timings are to be mutually agreed by the colleges and Trainers.
n) Details like land mark, e-mail, phone numbers of in-charges of the colleges will be provided for easy access to the students.
o) Inspection reports to be sent by Nodal Officers of respective colleges and District CEOs of SsTEP on weekly basis.
4. The Special Commissioner of Youth Services & Managing Dirctor,APSTEP has stated that the training programme will be implemented in collaboration and coordination with Chief Executive Officers of SsTEP, Sports Authority of Andhra
Pradesh, N.C.C. and NSS.
5. He has further stated that the projected expenditure of Rs.1,13,29,500/- will be incurred from the out of the Head of Account: “2204 – Sports & Youth Services – MH 001 – Direction and Administration – GH 11 – State Development Plan – SH (06) Youth Welfare Schemes – 500/503 – Other Expenditure , ” 2204 – Sports & Youth Services – MH 789 – Special Component Plan for SCs - – GH 11 – State Development Plan – SH (04) Youth Welfare Schemes – 500/503 – Other Expenditure”, “2204 – Sports & Youth Services – MH 796 – Tribal Area Sub Plan – GH 11 – State Development Plan – SH (05) Youth Welfare Schemes – 500/503 –
Other Expenditure”. He has also stated that sufficient budget is available under the said Heads of Account and Government in Finance Department had issued Budget Release Order and accordingly the amounts have been drawn.

6. Stating the above, the Special Commissioner of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP has requested the Government to approve his above proposal and issue necessary orders in the matter.

7. After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accord approval to the above programme proposed by the Commissioner of Youth Services & Managing Director, APSTEP for imparting self-defence training to girls and women all
over the State.

8. The Commissioner of Youth Services and Managing Director, APSTEP, Vijayawada shall take necessary action accordingly.

9. This order issues with the concurrence of (FIN01-FMU0PC (GAD2)/2/2018- (FMU(GAD II))-FIN Computer No: 665982, Dated: 09.11.2018.

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