World Premiere of ‘Don’t Forget About Me’ held at IFFI 2016

“Family and Destiny is what you choose, not something that you are born with”, says Fernanda Ramondo
World Premiere of ‘Don’t Forget About Me’ held at IFFI 2016

The World Premiere of the Argentinian Film, ‘Don’t Forget About Me’, was held at a Gala Screening at the IFFI, 2016 yesterday.

Addressing the media today, Ms. Fernanda Ramondo, Director of the film, said that the film is set in early twentieth century Argentina and the storyline portrays a play of emotions depicting how human relationships are formed in life between complete strangers. It shows an ex-anarchist convict travelling around the Pampas, uncertain about his final destination. Fate faces him with two siblings in search of their father and the story unfolds about their journey further, she added.


Speaking about the theme of her film, Ms. Ramondo said that it tries to convey a message to the audiences that family and destiny is what one chooses and not something that one is born with. A family comprises of individuals who have bonds at an emotional level and not necessarily confined to people having blood relations, she added. Further, she said that the story of her film is intentionally left open ended and it is for the viewers to decide how they would like to end the story. 

Sharing her experiences about making of the film, the Director said that it was a tough job to shoot the film in a span of 5 weeks. As there are no locations left in her country that would look similar to the ones of that era, the film is shot in small villages, which was not an easy task. She was excited about the World Premiere of her film at IFFI and loved the response from the audience.

Talking about the Argentinian Film Industry, Ms. Fernanda said that they produce about 150 films in a year and the industry is expanding gradually. The Argentinian Government helps them in funding through the Cinema Institute for producing films. They co-produce films with a number of countries including Spain and Italy and she would be very happy to collaborate with the Indian film industry in the future, she added.

Ms. Cumelen Sanz, Actress of the film, said that it was her dream to visit India and fortunately she got the chance to be here for the World Premiere of her first film. Sharing her experience about the film, she said that it was quite a challenge to portray her character in the film but she got 6 months to rehearse prior to the shooting, making the task easier. They went to shoot in remote villages, with population as less as 300, which was a life changing experience in itself for her, she added.

Ms. Julieta Alejandra Dolinsky, Art Director for the film, described her experience about the film as quite a tough task. She had to do a lot of research for understanding the era of the early twentieth century. It was her first film, which depicted a story that unfolds in an era in the past, making it a unique challenge. Further, she added that it was a pleasure to be a part of the film and had a great experience in the making.


“The Film Depicts Fight With Corruption At All Levels”, Says Pankaj Johar
 “My Films Connect Past with Future”, Says TS Nagabharna

“The Film Portrays The Struggle of a Young Village Girl to get Educated” Says Mithun Chandra Chowdhary

“The Film is a Biopic on the Life of Legendary Actor Baghwan Dada” Says Shekar Sartandel

In the ‘Meet with Directors of Indian Panorama’ series at the 47th International Film Festival of India, the Directors expressed their satisfaction over for platform that IFFI 2016 provided for the young film makers. Further they narrated the experiences of making of their films.

Shri Pankaj Johar, Director of the film ‘Cecilia’ said that his film was about Cecilia, how she fought corruption at all levels after her daughter was trafficked and was found dead. He further said that through his film he was trying to help his housekeeper by telling her story to the world.

Shri Mithun Chandra Chowdhary, Director of the film ‘Paywat’ said that his film portrays a day in the life of a girl Maydi, daughter of a labourer. He also said that through his film he tried to showcase the life of his sister.

Shri TS Nagabharna, Director of the film ‘Allama’ said that his film is a biopic of the 12th Century mystic saint ‘Allama Prabhu’. According to the director, many people knew about Allama’s disciple Basawa but not about Allama himself. Further, through his film people will come to know about the life of the saint Allama and his philosophies, he added.
Shri Shekar Sartandel, Director of the film ‘Ekk Albela’ said that his film is a biopic on the life of legendary actor of Bhagwan Dada. He further said that he found it very difficult to find actors who were resembling Bhagwan Dada but in the end, actor Mangesh Desai played the role convincingly.


Newer Online Platforms to provide New Opportunities to Showcase Short Films
Interacting with media at International Film Festival of India, Goa today, Ms. Judy Gladstone said that it is her second time in India and she has seen incredible masterpieces screened at the 47th edition of IFFI. She appreciated the concept of master-classes, as a great opportunity to learn. She said that her expertise is in short films and people do short films for different reasons. She expressed that she is thrilled to promote the work of excellent and innovative artists in this country. She also conducted Workshop at 47th IFFI 2016.

Judy Gladstone has been recognized with a WIFT Crystal Award for Outstanding Achievement, Women in Communications Award for Excellence in Leadership / Mentoring, and a Maverick of the Year Award from the Female Eye Festival. Ms. Judy Gladstone is a CEO of a bilingual SVOD dedicated to presenting Canadian film and video, which is founded by the Coalition of Canadian Independent Media Arts Distributors.

Shri Ramesh Tekwani said that Judy has an incredible power to see and recognize talent in the crowd and the ability to find raw diamonds, which can be shaped up to be the gems of the industry. He added that production of short films is all about inspiration, which can come for anywhere. He said that in the age of technology, one can enjoy watching short films on the phone while travelling.

On the issue of popularity of short films across the globe, Judy said that it is hard to find a platform to screen short films to the population at large. Shri. Tekwani said that there are online platforms where one can post the ideas and can get brighter prospects, to this Ms Judy Gladstone added that these are online platforms are available at a minimal cost.

Shri Ramesh Tekwani has been a part of International Film Festival of India (and Filmotsav, its travelling variant) since 1975.  As a writer and short film maker, Ramesh has written, directed and produced around 500 shorts of various hues, non-fiction TV Serials and several audio visual profiles for individuals and companies.

Master Class on editing by Alan Heim
Addressing participants at ‘Master Class on Editing’, organized at IFFI today, American Editor, Alan Heim, shared his experience of editing various films throughout his career.

Mr Heim said that editors are the eyes of audience. Talking about role of editor in film he said that editor surprises   audience, he keeps audience awake and interested. Discussing about visual ethics Mr Heim said that manipulation is also a part of storytelling. He exemplified his own works and tried to explain process of editing to the audience. The session included a discourse on different aspects of editing.

Alan Heim is Academy Award-winning Film editor. With a long career in the film business, he has more than thirty feature-film credits to his name, and is known for his work on American History X, The Notebook, Network, All That Jazz etc. Alan Heim has served as President of the American Cinema Editors (ACE) organization and as President of the Motion Picture Editors Guild (MPEG).


Master Class on virtual reality by Clyde DeSouza
Virtual Reality film maker Clyde DeSouza conducted ‘Master Class’ at IFFI Goa today. He unfolded technical aspects of use Virtual Reality in film making. Mr DeSouza talked about potential of Virtual Reality technology as futuristic way of communication and film-making. While Mr DeSouza discussed the topic, he also mentioned about various devices and cameras for VR film-making. Talking about stereoscopic VR film, ‘Dirrogate: Memories with Maya’ made by him, he narrated his difficulties while making new kind of cinematic experiment. The session covered technical dimensions and creative aspects of Virtual Reality and film making.


Clyde DeSouza is a VR Filmmaker at Real Vision FZ LLC, a creative technology firm specializing in mixed reality experiences. He is frequently invited to speak on VR and Stereoscopic filmmaking. His book Think in 3D has been recommended as essential reading for Directors by Stereographers of blockbuster 3D films. Clyde’s coining of new terminology in 3D has made its way into the 3D Encyclopedic Dictionary published by Technicolor.


Master Class is an excellent learning experience at 47th IFFI for students and young filmmakers.
Interacting with the media at 47th International Film Festival of India, Goa, Mr. Alan Heim, the Film Editor and Mr.Robert Yeoman, the Cinematographer who conducted Master Classes at 47th IFFI expressed their happiness about this initiative. Mr. Alan Heim said that he is very happy to attend this incredibly gracious festival. He conducted a master-class on editing at 47th IFFI today, he told media that his master class sessions were well attended by curious audience, and students at his sessions asked interesting and to the point questions. He further added that the Indian students at his classes were much more interested in emotional content.
While answering media query on Indian Cinema, he replied that he has not seen many of the Indian films, mostly because of the absence of subtitles, but when he saw the work of Satyajit Ray, it knocked him off. He also added that at the festival he watched two Indian films and found them remarkable.
Mr. Alan Heim, Film Editor at Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, USA, has worked as a sound and music editor on several television series before working on theatrical films, the first being The Pawnbroker for Sidney Lumet. This led to picture editing for Lumet's The Seagull, Blood Kin and Network, and a career that has encompassed about 40 films for the big screen and television, the most recent being ‘I Saw The Light’ in 2015. 

Mr. Robert Yeoman, Cinematographer at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, USA said that it is his second visit to India, first was when he came to shoot The Darjeeling Limited 7 years ago. The work of Satyajit Ray influenced him and his film making a lot. Indian dance numbers and street shooting is fascinating for him and he believes that Cinematographers in India cannot go wrong because of the scenic beauty of the country. 


Responding to a question, Mr. Yeoman said that Cinematographers should learn to respect and learn their Editor’s work and try refraining themselves from interrupting the work. Even though the cinematographer plays a crucial role in the film making, the role of editor and script are of same importance. He further said that he never complains about the editing of his work.

International Jury Members at 47th International Film Festival of India meet the Media
Interacting with the media at 47th IFFI, Ivan Passer, the Chairperson for IFFI 2016 International Jury, said that they judged a total 22 films in two categories i.e. International Competition (15) and Centenary Award for the best debut feature film of Director (7). He told the media that it was an interesting experience as films from across the world reminded him of the vastness of cultures, acts, beauty and colours of life.

Selection of films was done without any injustice, even though some films have more impact than the others and suit personal opinions. He further added that it was the first time he met the Jury members and found them extremely jolly and friendly, there were no clashes in the process of selection and it is a rare thing for jury.

Mr Larry Smith, Member of IFFI 2016 International Jury, said that jury members were on common grounds for selecting the film and all the 22 films were different and unique in their own, giving us many things to wonder and talk about. They screened 4 films a day and the selection process was very straight forward.

Mr Lordan Zafranovic, Member of IFFI 2016 International Jury, added that he loved the way IFFI was organized. He watched a number of films and found out that it is the language of art that is universal in nature and it needs no description or subtitles to understand. Talking about the selection procedure, he said it was very easy for the jury to choose the films as all of them were looking at the same point.

Talking about the jury members, Nagesh Kukunoor, Member of IFFI 2016 International Jury, said that he could not have better people than these. He added that the selection of the debut films was a job well done. Replying to a question on the objectivity of selection process, he replied that there is always subjectivity attached to individual perceptions and opinions though the jury tries to do justice to all the competing entries without any inherent bias in the process.

Leila Kilani, Member of IFFI 2016 International Jury, said that it was a warm and pleasant experience to work with the other jury members. It did not involve talks about cinema and films only, but also about sharing views and discussing life.

World Premiere of ‘Don’t Forget About Me’ held at IFFI 2016 World Premiere of ‘Don’t Forget About Me’ held at IFFI 2016  Reviewed by Ajit Kumar on 7:47 AM Rating: 5

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