‘Two Birds, One Stone’ is a story that reflects upon Love, Family, Culture & Society

‘Two Birds, One Stone’ is a story that reflects upon Love, Family, Culture & Society 


Interacting with the media at IFFI, Goa today, Fejria Deliba, Director of ‘Two Birds, One Stone – Our Mother’, said that the movie is a simple love story of a Mother and her children, in a particular socio-political milieu. The film attempts to break stereotypes about women while emphasizing upon her identity beyond being a ‘Mother’.

The film is about a 70-year- old traditional and illiterate Algerian mother, Zayane Millia, who decides to venture outside of her neighbourhood for the first time in her life. This sets events in motion that will bring her children together for the first time in more than ten years at their mother’s home.

This is the first feature film from Ms. Deliba, and it uses drama and humour to challenge traditional narratives about French-Arab culture. The Director emphasized that silence is an essential part of her film which talks about people, life and communication. Cultural shock and family histories are interwoven with ever-present memories of the war in Algeria. Further, she added that she and her team are happy and honoured to be at IFFI 2016.

Farida Ounchi, actress of the film, also shared her experience while the making of the film and said while watching the film, you have to make silence inside your mind to understand the characters. She noted that in the present scenario in the French society, nobody would imagine a film like this in which a woman is shown to have a life beyond being just a mother. It's a first ever attempt to tell the story of woman from Algerian Point of view. This film also tells about difficulties in communication among family members due to generation gaps and ultimately how the family overcomes the barriers to become one again, she added.
Farid Bouzenad, actor of the film, told the media that it was a great experience to be a part of the film. This film depicts today’s French society. It is a story of love and family and can be shared with others.

Ms. Deliba, is a French actress and filmmaker of Algerian origin. As an actress, Ms Deliba has done a variety of theatre and cinema since the mid-1980s. After acting in films, plays and TV shows, she made her first feature, Two Birds, One Stone. She told media that having worked on screen as actress, it inspired her to work as director behind the camera.


“To Show Positive Aspects About the North East is the Motive of The Film”, Says Bidyut Kotoky

“The Way of Making Films For Different Platforms Has Been Changed Over The Years”, Says Sudesh Balan
 “In the Past Few Years, Efforts are Made by the Government to Promote Independent Filmmakers” Says Billu Paul
“The Film depicts socio-political situation in Manipur” Says Hoban Paban Kumar

In the ‘Meet with Directors of Indian Panorama’ series at the 47th International Film Festival of India, the Directors expressed their satisfaction over for platform that IFFI 2016 provided for the young film makers. Further they narrated the experiences of making of their films.


Shri Bidyut Kotoky, Director of the film ‘Guns and Guitars - a Musical Travelogue’ said that the motive of his film was to change the focus of the North East from terrorism, insurgency, violence, etc. and show some positive aspects about it. He said that his film  reveals the extent of anger and alienation felt by the people of the North East caused by years of neglect and how they embraced music in this cradle of violence, providing a ray of hope. He also said that his film is not anti establishment, his film rather focusses on the hardships faced by the common man who gets caught in the crossfire where he does not have any control. 

Shri Sudesh Balan, director of the film ‘Ormayude Athirvarambukal’ said that his film depicts the crisis of old age and loneliness and this film was a part of his research subject. He added that in present times attention span and thoughtful content in films are lacking. He also said that he chose this subject because he is surrounded with the generation of 40s and parents who are facing difficulties. He further said that it is very important that people develop strong bonds in their relationships.  He also said that the way of making films for different platform has been changed in certain years.

Billu Paul, Director of the film ‘Samann’ said that this was his first experience of directing a film and this film reflects the conflicts and complexities present within the marriage institution and the conditions humans have to live with. He further said that in the past few years, efforts are made by the government to promote independent filmmakers.

Haobam Paban Kumar, Director of the film ‘Loktak Lairembi’ said that he has been doing documentary films since last 10 - 12 years and this was his debut feature film and he was excited that it is being screened at IFFI 2016. The theme of the film is on socio-political situation in Manipur. This film follows the sufferings of Tomba and his family when the authorities burnt his hut down. One morning, Tomba accidentally finds a gun and implications of this discovery and its impact on Tomba and his family, are depicted in the film.


“Today Visual Effects is Everywhere Especially in Money Making Films”, Says Theresa Ellis Rygiel

“DFF is expanding its collaboration with Oscar Academy to increase number of Master Classes with Members of Oscar Academy”, Says Senthil Rajan
In the ‘Meet with VFX Experts’ series at the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), the Post Visual Effects and Compositing Supervisor Ms. Theresa Ellis Rygiel expressed her satisfaction at the turnout and the overwhelming response she received for her Master Class on Visual Effects in IFFI 2016. Further she narrated her experiences of working in post production of the films.


Theresa Ellis Rygiel, VFX Supervisor said that she is thankful that she was invited for 47th IFFI. She said that Visual effects are  part of pre-planning stages and she has to work on creating a dialogue between visual effects and other branches of cinema. VFX is very much part of planning and finalising the sequences. She emphasized that today Visual effects is everywhere especially in money making films. She further said that she enjoyed working in technical as well as artistic aspects of the films and have also enjoyed making things move in photography. Further she mentioned that most films can be shoot in 2 months but it will involve a very good planning. She concluded that ‘Special Effects are the future way to Direct Films’.

C. Senthil Rajan, Director Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF) said that, DFF is expanding its collaboration with Oscar Academy. As a part of the collaboration DFF will endeavour to increase the masterclasses with the members of Oscar Academy in the upcoming IFFI.

‘The Son of War’: Argentina-Uruguay Production Film screened at IFFI 2016
‘The Son of War - Being Awake’, was screened at the IFFI, Goa yesterday. In an interaction with the media today, the Director, Ms. Julieta Noemi Ledesma, shared her experience on making the film as a debutant director and getting an opportunity for her film to feature in the ‘Cinema of the World’ category at the IFFI, 2016.

The film is a story about a son who decides to leave his family in the middle of a drought. As it progresses, the story unfolds to show how human values undergo a change and how the selfish and animalistic side of humans comes to the foreground in the times of diversity.

Talking about the pre-production journey of the film, Ms. Ledesma said that making this film was an intense experience and it took around 10 years to produce it. The film is a reflection of her personal experience, she added. The Director, while answering another question, said that she likes depicting reality and true emotions through her characters and would like to continue with same genre in future.

Ms. Carolina Lusa, Production manager of the film, said that this film is an Argentina-Uruguay production and she is glad that it is being screened at the IFFI 2016. 

Mr. Pablo Rios, Actor of the film, said that it was his first experience as an actor and was a bit difficult to portray the character according to the desire of the Director, but thanks to the talented crew he was able to do everything smoothly.

Ms. Julieta Dolinski, Art Director of the film, described how challenging was it for her to create an ambience which was strange and silent, given the demand of the script, but she has tried her best to meet the vision of the Director.

Mr. Jorge Anibal Roman, Actor of the film, said that this is his 10th Film as an actor but working on this script was an intense experience. 

Seven films in race for the ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal Prize at the 47th IFFI 2016
At the IFFI 2016, there are seven films competing for the International Council for Films, Television and Audio-visual Communication (ICFT)-UNESCO Gandhi Medal Prize from the International Film Section and one film from the Indian Panorama Section.            
Shri C. Senthil Rajan, Director DFF, said that he is thankful to ICFT-UNESCO for giving this medal. He announced the contestants for ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi medal prize. These include ‘The Apology’ (Canada), ‘Beluga’ (Iran), ‘Cold of Kalandar’ (Turkey), ‘Exiled’(Latvia), ‘The Family –Dementia’ (Spain), ‘Harmonia’ (Israel), ‘A Real Vermeer’ (The Netherlands) and ‘Allama (India).
Addressing the media today, Ms. Lola Poggi Goujan, Secretary General of ICFT and Jury Member, said that she is glad to be a part of IFFI 2016. She added that ICFT, an official partner of UNESCO established in 1956, is an NGO aiming to stimulate the production and distribution of high quality audio-visual work, especially of young artists and media avocations at large. She further said that the criteria for the Gandhi Medal will reflect UNESCO’s fundamental mandate of Building peace in the mind of men and women, particularly human rights, intercultural dialogue, promotion and safeguard of diversity of cultural expressions.

Ms. Xueyuan Hun, Associate, ICFT, said that this year they have received a lot of good films from the 47th IFFI and therefore it has become difficult to decide upon the awardee. The award will not only be based on the film but also on the idea. She further said that the collaboration is a joint venture of ICFT and IFFI. Giving her views on Indian films she said that message of the film and technical aspects of the film is what she likes.

Talking about the Gandhi medal in further detail, the panel informed that in 1994, UNESCO issued commemorative medal marking the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the world’s advocate of peace, tolerance and non-violence. The medal bears a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi engraved by the French artist Pierre-Yves Tremois. Etched underneath is the Mahatma’s message of hope: “In the midst of darkness light prevails”. The reverse side carries the UNESCO Logo.


Chief Justice of India releases coffee table book “Courts of India- Past to Present” published by Publications Division
On the occasion of Constitution Day, Chief Justice of India Justice T S Thakur today released the book published by Publications Division titled “Courts of India – Past to Present”. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Law & Justice and Electronics & Information Technology was also present on the occasion.
The book has been designed as a Coffee Table Book which has several photographs of archival value which was steered by an Editorial Committee headed by Justice S.A Bobde and other eminent luminaries of the country. The 'Courts of India' traces the historical evolution of the courts, identifies the diverse court system, compile their customs and practices and also contextualizes it.The book seeks to introduce Indian Judiciary to the citizens in a lucid manner.


‘Red Carpet Events of the Evening’
The 2016 movie Dhanak was screened in Goa today under the ‘Accessible India, Accessible Films’ section. The Director of the movie, Nagesh Kukunoor(top left) walked the red carpet along with several visually-impaired adults and children many of whom were entering a movie theatre for the first time. Under the ‘Accessible Films’ section, the non-dialogue portions of the movie were audio-described to give the audience a feel of the emotions, costumes, background etc. in the movie. This initiative was launched under theAccessible India Campaign (Sugayama Bharat Abhiyan) and done in collaboration with UNESCO and Saksham NGO.
Nagesh Kukunoor is a member of the International Jury at the 47th IFFI and his co-members in the Jury also attended the screening.
The movie is about the journey of a sister and her visually-impaired younger brother with the hope to get help for his operation. Their zest for life through this journey is contagious and irresistible.

The vibrant cast and crew of the Konkani movie ‘K Sera Sera’ walked the red carpet today evening before the screening of their movie. The film is a story of two distinct individuals, one who believes in changing the circumstances with precise and definitive decisions and the other who believes in drifting with the situations around and let the circumstances decide the course of life.
The movie was screened in the India Panorama – Feature Film section of the festival.

‘Two Birds, One Stone’ is a story that reflects upon Love, Family, Culture & Society ‘Two Birds, One Stone’ is a story that reflects upon Love, Family, Culture & Society Reviewed by Ajit Kumar on 11:46 AM Rating: 5

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