French fuel strikes

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French fuel strikes:  A tedious 'tantrum' or a 'sacred' duty?
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French fuel strikes: A tedious 'tantrum' or a 'sacred' duty?

With trains, flights, nuclear power, fuel depots and oil refineries all hit by a new round of strikes on Thursday, (and a whole lot more strikes to come), it's no surprise that many people are affected by it all. 
But how does it make people in France actually feel? We took to our Facebook page to sense the mood and the reactions to the ongoing unrest.
Unsurprisingly, many people were dumbfounded.
"It's rare in this day and age to see a whole nation commit suicide by socialism," wrote Facebook follower Ivan Burrows. 
George White added: "It's madness. They are trying to destroy their own country."
Debbie Pedrayes said, "socialism has never been sustainable, anywhere. Been to Venezuela recently? France is looking more and more like it."
How do all these strikes make you feel about France? Frustrated, furious, or "fier" (proud)?
@TheLocalFrance it's just normal for the French to be on strike in the summer! They are where Britain was back in the 1970's. Socialists!!
Several pointed out that the Euro 2016 tournament was on the way next month, and that France needed to "clear up its act" before hosting 2.5 million visitors for a month of football. 
"Wow - so the unions don't care if the Eurocup is a fiasco and further damages France's reputation?" asked Theresa Cogdell Lutz. "The economy could really use the boost - and you can bet they won't be striking during August. Sigh."
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