Baby's leg broken by dad in 'machine gun game'

Baby's leg broken by dad in 'machine gun game'
Leoben where the family live. Photo: tobias b köhler/Wikimedia

Baby's leg broken by dad in 'machine gun game'

The sick prank which caused serious injuries to the child including broken ribs and a broken leg was carried out by the 20-year-old man while the child's 21-year-old mother not only looked on, but also filmed the stunt.

But the pair ended up in court in the city of the Leoben in Styria in central Austria after the hospital reported suspicious injuries to the three-week-old baby.

The court heard that the man had grabbed the child by the arms and legs and repeatedly pushed the two together claiming he was playing his "machine-gun game", simulating the repetitive action of the gun.

Forced in court to watch the video that the baby's mother had made, the father, who is a qualified nurse, admitted: "I agree it looks terrible when you look at it on the screen. All I can say now is that it was a stupid thing to have done."

He pleaded however not guilty saying that he didn't intend to hurt the boy.

He said: "I didn't want to cause any damage, and if I'd stop to think for a second what the consequences might have been I would never have done it."
He also complained that the boy had never cried and if he had, he would have stopped.

The father was given a six month suspended sentence, and the baby's mother a four month suspended sentence after the court agreed that they had not intended to hurt the child.
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