Naalya, a home of the new generation

Naalya, a home of the new generation

Naalya is a town in Kira Municipality,Wakiso District.

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Classy architecture in Naalya
Naalya is bordered by downtown Kira to the north, Kyaliwajala and Namugongo to the northeast, Bweyogerere to the east, Kireka to the southeast, Banda to the south, Kiwatule to the west and Najjerato the northwest.

Naalya is located approximately 12.5 kilometres by road, northeast of Kampala's central business district. From Kampala, one can either follow the Kampala – Jinja Highway eastwards for 10.5 kilometres  to Kireka turn north and travel another 2 kilometres to Naalya. Alternatively, one can follow the Kampala Northern Bypass Highway proceeding eastwards through Bukoto, Kiwatule unttil one arrives at Naalya.

 house in aalya
A house in Naalya
About Naalya
In the 21st century, Naalya is developing into a middle class residential neighborhood with high-rise apartment complexes and modest residential bungalows. The Kampala Northern Bypass Highway traverses the township as it courses its way from Bweyogerere to the east towards Kiwatule to the west of Naalya. In between the residences and highways, supermarkets and shopping malls are beginning to spring up. The Metroplex Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping complexes in Uganda, is located in Naalya, on the northern border of the Kampala Northern Bypass Highway.
Naalya has probably the best roads in Kampala after Kololo. It is very easy getting to Naalya either by taxi or the simple boda boda. It will take you about Ush 5000 by Boda Boda from town and just Ush 2000 by taxi from downtown Kampala. So it is very accessible. However, lately most of the inhabitants of Naalya have personal cars which has made the place a very upscale place to live in 2016.
he northern bypass
The northern bypass
Naalya is one of the best places to live in Kampala simply because of its fresh breeze and no commotion. The place is not congested which has made it a favourite to many corporate youths who don’t the unnecessary town noise of tracks and buses. This has in fact raised the rent of houses in the area. A simple two roomed house in Naalya now goes for Ush 200,000 a month which was not the case five years ago. Most of the residential houses here go up to Ush 3M a month. Many people have started to fear living there because it is very expensive.
The Naalya Estates are some of the most popular estates in Kampala and so many corporate boast of living there as they are quite expensive which makes them look important amongst their folks. Each apartment in the Estate goes for more than Ush 800,000 depending on the landlord who acquired the apartment from National Housing.
orthern bypass
Northern bypass
Shopping in Naalya has been made very easy by the new Metroplex Mall which has everything to offer the locals at not such hefty prices but quite affordable.
Also the place has the cleanest market in Kampala. According to Mugabi Abel, the caretaker of the market, the sanitation has been amazing ever since the market was handed into private management by the Kira Municipality. The Market has 27 stalls and they all provide different edibles for the locals at seemingly affordable prices.
Naalya is a great neighbourhood with quite a number of interesting hoods to look out for.
  • The Kireka – NamugongoRoad which eads to the Uganda Martyrs’ Basilica at Namugongo
  • The Kampala Noprthern Bypass which passes through the township.
  • Naalya Housing Estate - A high-rise condominium and apartment complex constructed by National Housing and Construction Company.
Take some time and go to Naalya. A very homely place.
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