Swedish doctor jailed in 'secret bunker' case

Bunker plot trial
Swedish doctor jailed in 'secret bunker' case
Left, the bunker where the doctor kept the woman locked up. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Swedish doctor jailed in 'secret bunker' case

Stockholm District Court gave out the punishment on Tuesday morning, finding 38-year-old Martin Trenneborg guilty of kidnapping the woman. However, it found him not guilty of aggravated rape. He was also told to pay 180,000 kronor ($21,200) in damages to the victim.
Described in the media as "Sweden's Fritzl" – a reference to the Austrian father who held his daughter captive over 24 years – Trenneborg had been accused of drugging his victim by lacing stawberries and driving her to his country home while wearing a mask and fake number plates last autumn.
He had then been accused of locking the woman into what the prosecution has described as an above-ground "bunker" he had built in his yard, which resembles a garden shed from the outside.
The court said in a press statement announcing the verdict that his purpose had been to keep the victim locked up to "force [her] to serve as girlfriend and future sex partner".
But it freed him from the rape charge he was facing, saying that it had not been proven beyond reasonable doubt that he had "carried out intercourse with the victim when she was drugged".

A bed in the bunker where the woman was held. Photo: Police

"We have never seen a similar case before, someone who's planned to keep someone locked up for several years as a life partner and sex slave," prosecutor Peter Claesson told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet ahead of Tuesday's ruling.
Trenneborg's lawyer, Mari Schaub, told the newspaper in the morning that her client, who had admitted to keeping the woman locked up but denied raping her, was prepared for a prison sentence.
However, she urged the court to hand out a more lenient sentence of less than 10 years in jail.
"I have never ever met a person with such a total self-loathing, with such depressive symptoms. It's not an excuse for what he has done, but it's an explanation," she told Aftonbladet.
During the trial, which was mostly held behind closed doors, she said that Trenneborg was a "broken soul" and a lonely man with few friends.
"He desperately wanted a girlfriend," she told Swedish newspapers last month.
In earlier police interviews with officers the doctor said that "girlfriend might be the best term" for the woman, although he admitted she was "not a girlfriend in the ordinary sense, even I can understand that".
However the woman he locked up told police she feared she could be tortured or killed..
Detectives first became aware of the unusual plot in September 2015, after Trenneborg presented himself at a police station along with the woman, but he was not formally charged until January this year.
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