Victim sobs as suspect in secret bunker goes on trial

A drawing of the suspect (left) and his lawyer in court. Image: Ingela Landstedt/TT

Victim sobs as suspect in secret bunker goes on trial

A Swedish doctor who has admitted drugging a woman and keeping her in an underground bunker, but denies raping her, is appearing in court.

The man, who is 38 and works in the Swedish capital, is accused of using strawberries laced with Rohypnol to drug his victim, driving her to his countryside home in southern Sweden and locking her away in a secret, soundproof bunker for nearly a week.

He has admitted most of the charges against him, describing the cellar to police as "an apartment with no windows". However he denies raping the woman while she was drugged.

The doctor's trial got under way at Stockholm District Court on Monday morning.

His alleged victim was seen sobbing at the hearing, which took place behind closed doors.

The man's lawyer Mari Schaub has previously described her client as a lonely and depressed man who was looking for a partner.

She told the court on Monday that it was not his intention to "force the woman to serve him", however she said he had expressed his desire to have her sleep with him at some point.

In earlier police interviews with officers the suspect said that "girlfriend might be the best term" for the woman, although he admitted she was "not a girlfriend in the ordinary sense, even I can understand that".

However the woman he locked up told police she feared she could be tortured or killed and her defence team believe that it was the man's plan to keep her locked up for years.

The doctor is being tried by a judge; juries are not used in Sweden.

Meanwhile police have revealed that they are also continuing to investigate the possibility that the man was planning to abduct further victims.

Detectives first became aware of the man's unusual plot in September 2015, after he presented himself at a police station along with the woman, but he was not formally charged until earlier this month.

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