Suicide Bomber in Kabul Strikes Packed Commuter Bus

Suicide Bomber in Kabul Strikes Packed Commuter Bus

KABUL, Afghanistan — At least seven people were killed and dozens wounded in Kabul on Wednesday, officials said, when a suicide bomber in a car struck a commuter minibus at the height of the evening rush hour in the capital.

A spokesman for the Kabul Police, Baseer Mujahed, said that in addition to the dead, at least 25 civilians had been wounded in the attack, while a health ministry spokesman put the figure at 28. Survivors were being rushed to hospitals for treatment.

The minibus was carrying members of the Kaboora production team, a unit of Moby Group, which in turn owns Afghanistan’s largest television station, Tolo TV, two people affiliated with the group said. They asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly. They said that at least four of the dead were from the production team.

Kaboora produces dramas for Afghan television and dubs foreign programs for the local market.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which was the fourth in Kabul this year, with the Taliban having claimed two of the previous three.

It was not clear if the production team had been specifically targeted. But in October, the Taliban threatened to kill anyone working for the country’s leading networks, Tolo and TV1.

The Afghan government’s chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, condemned the attack, saying: “An attack on media workers who work with dedication and neutrality under difficult circumstances reveals the true face of the Taliban and terrorists who don’t believe in any religious or civil values.”

Moby group’s three television channels disrupted their regular programming on Wednesday evening to broadcast verses of the Quran, with a ticker at the bottom of the screen announcing the death of their colleagues.

“We salute you on your martyrdom, our colleagues,” an anchor said as the news broadcast went live again. “They martyred you to silence our voice, but they will never achieve their evil goals.”

The attack took place on Darulaman Road, near the Russian Embassy, in west Kabul. The bomber drove his car into the minibus, which was packed with commuters, Mr. Mujahed said.

The explosion was powerful enough to rattle windows miles away. Television footage showed police officers and ambulances at the scene, as emergency workers rushed to evacuate the wounded.

Taliban insurgent have been on the offensive since the United States and its allies withdrew most combat troops at the end of 2014, and they now controls more territory than at any time since it was driven from power in 2001. At the same time, a barrage of militant attacks in major cities — including at least one from the breakaway Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan — has left the public wary.

On Wednesday, the United States Embassy, which warns American citizens against traveling to Afghanistan, said it had received reports that militants were planning to attack a hotel or guesthouse in the Shar-e Naw district of Kabul. It said it had no further information on “the timing, target, location, or method of any planned attacks.”
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