Indian rapist gets life for Uber attack

Indian rapist gets life for Uber attack

A court in India has sentenced an Uber driver to life in prison for raping a passenger in his vehicle in New Delhi last year.
The judge had earlier found the driver, Shiv Kumar Yadav, guilty of rape, criminal intimidation, kidnapping and endangering the woman's life.

The passenger, who works for a private company, had hired the cab for a ride home last December.
The rape case was a blow to Uber, which has attracted global popularity and controversy with a service that lets passengers summon cars through an app in more than 250 cities around the world.
The New Delhi government banned app-based taxi companies after the rape. Uber lost its license to operate in the Indian capital, but it was restored in July.—AP

Indian underworld don packed off home
(11-03 19:22)

Police in Indonesia say an alleged Indian crime boss being held on the resort island of Bali will soon be deported.
Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje, known in India as “Chhota Rajan,'' was on Interpol's most wanted list for two decades. He was arrested October 25 when he arrived at Bali's airport from Sydney. 
Police said preparations are underway for Nikalje's deportation.
Police said Nikalje was carrying a passport with the alias Mohan Kumar. He told Indonesian police that he had been hiding in Australia for seven years and flew to Bali for a vacation.
He is suspected of involvement in more than 20 murders in India.—AP


Nepal bus plunge kills 30
(11-03 18:54)

An official says an overcrowded bus carrying passengers inside and on its roof veered off a mountain road in northwest Nepal, killing 30 people and injuring 35 others.
Government administrator Shiv Ram Gelal said the bus drove off the road today near Ramche village and rolled about 150 meters down a slope.
Gelal said the bus was packed with passengers because of a severe fuel shortage in the country that has limited transportation.
Police, soldiers and local villagers helped recover injured people and bodies from the wreckage. 
The site is about 80 kilometers northwest of the capital, Kathmandu.—AP

Refugee rage boils over at British military base in Cyprus
(2 hrs 28 mins ago)

An official says recently-arrived migrants housed at a British army base on Cyprus had set fire to two tents, but that the blaze was put out quickly.
The Guardian said among the incidents in pictures, videos and audio recordings obtained by the paper is an apparent threat by a man to kill himself before British police officers rush in. 
Separately, a man is seen with his face covered in blood after cutting himself, the paper said.
British Bases spokeswoman Connie Pierce said the situation is now calm following Monday's incident. She gave no reason for the fire. 
Pierce said there had been “a series of incidents'' at the facility, but that authorities won't “be going into specific detail.'' 
She said the 114 people, who arrived by boat at a British air base on Cyprus last month, have food, shelter, privacy and communications and that UN staff say the facility “exceeds the standard of comparable setups.'' 
Pierce repeated that the British government won't allow a new migrant route to open up to the UK through its two Cyprus bases.—AP/The Standard

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