72 Palestinians killed, 2240 injured, 1000 arrested in Oct. clashes with Israel occupation

72 Palestinians killed, 2240 injured, 1000 arrested in Oct. clashes with Israel occupation

Palestinian mourners carry the bodies of Dania Ersheed, 17, Tareq al-Natshe, 16, Baian Eseleh, 16, Bashar al-ja'bari, 15 and Husam al-Ja'bari, 18, during their mass funeral in the West Bank city of Hebron, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015. (Photo:AP)

The number of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces since the beginning of October has climbed to 72, while the number of injured reached 2,240, the Palestinian health ministry said on Saturday.

Fifty-four Palestinians were killed in the West Bank and 17 in Gaza, Wafa Palestinian news agency reported. One man was killed in the Negev desert.

Meanwhile clashes broke out on Saturday afternoon in the flashpoint West Bank city of El-Khalil, after tens of thousands of mourners took part in a funeral march for five Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces.

Mourners waved Palestinian flags and chanted "we will die but Palestine will live on," reported Safa Palestinian news agency.

Israeli fire directed at the marchers wounded 12, according to medical sources cited by AFP.

Ziad Natsheh, who buried his son Tareq, 17, said as he received condolences from mourners Saturday that he was relieved to give him a "dignified burial."

"Living in a country where there is nothing else but war, everyone expects to know death, injury or lose a child," said Natsheh.

Israeli authorities had refused to release the bodies of Bayan Aaslyeh, Dania Ershaid, Hossam and Bashar Al-Jabari, and Tarek Natsheh, but relented after mounting pressure from Palestinian authorities.

Hundreds of Palestinians also attended the funeral of another victim of the West Bank violence, eight-month-old Ramadan Thawabteh. Officials said he was asphyxiated by teargas fired by Israeli soldiers near his Bethlehem home Friday.

The Israeli occupation authorities have arrested more than 1,000 Palestinians and Arab Israelis since 1 October. Of those 221 took place in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said last Sunday.

Palestinians have been protesting since the beginning of October against Israel's attempts to build more settlements in east Jerusalem and force out Arab residents of the city, the planned capital of a future Palestinian state.

The current wave of protests and repression started in late July when toddler Ali Dawabsha was burned to death and three other Palestinians severely injured after their house in the occupied West Bank was set on fire by Israeli settlers.

Palestinian protests were also triggered by an increase in Jewish visitors to Al-Aqsa mosque—considered to be the third holiest site in Islam— in Jerusalem. Palestinians fear that Israel is preparing to allow Jewish prayers in the mosque, which is currently not allowed.

Turkey death toll from bootleg booze rises to 18

The death toll in Turkey from drinking bootleg liquor has risen to 18 after six more people died in hospital over the past two days, state media said Sunday.

The victims had all consumed raki, a strong aniseed-flavoured liquor which is Turkey's national drink, which health authorities believe had been infused with lethal quantities of methyl alcohol.

Another 15 are in critical condition in hospital in Istanbul after drinking the tainted alcohol, the Anatolia news agency said.

It said police have arrested at least 14 people and seized thousands of bottles in several operations across the country.

The suspects have been charged with involuntary homicide.

A total of 89 people have been admitted to hospitals for alcohol poisoning since Wednesday.

In 2005, 22 people died in Turkey from drinking illicit raki.

Distributors at the time blamed successive tax hikes on alcohol, which critics of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan say are part of a bid by the former Istanbul mayor to impose conservative Islamic restrictions on society.

More than 100 migrants found in Bulgarian refrigerated truck

Migrants sleep under a bridge near Belgrade's main bus and train station (Reuters)

Some 130 migrants, most believed to be from Syria, were discovered Saturday in a refrigerated truck on the Bulgarian border with Turkey, Bulgaria's interior ministry said, adding that the lorry driver had been arrested.

A ministry spokeswoman said 38 men, 33 women and 58 children were found hidden behind bottles of sparkling water at the border crossing of Kapitan-Andreevo, adding that their state of health was not a cause for concern.

The migrants' attempt to flee their homeland recalled a case with a more tragic outcome in August when 71 migrants were found to have frozen to death in a refrigerated lorry designed to carry frozen food after traffickers abandoned the vehicle in Austria.

EU member Bulgaria has been making around 100 arrests a day of migrants seeking to transit the country clandestinely to avoid being discovered and sent to camps pending an outcome to their asylum requests.

The country has to date avoided the mass influx seen by neighbouring Greece, which thousands of refugees have sought to reach in perilous crossings by sea.

But Bulgarian authorities nonetheless fear increased arrivals ahead of the winter, leading police Saturday to make checks of some 6,000 vehicles and arrest 16 suspected traffickers as well as 495 migrants nationwide.


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