(Democratic debate) Chafee cornered on Wall Street oversight

(Democratic debate) Chafee cornered on Wall Street oversight

Lincoln Chafee (Pictured, first from right) has plenty of excuses for why he voted to repeal a Depression-era law banning financial institutions from combining their commercial banking operations with riskier investment banking:

He had just arrived in Congress.
It was his first vote as a senator from Rhode Island.
His dad had died in office.
He was appointed.

Chafee ticked them all off during the Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday night when asked to explain his 1999 vote repealing the law known as Glass-Steagall.

Chafee says: “Glass-Steagall was my very first vote. I'd just arrived. My dad had died in office. I was appointed to the office. It was my very first vote.''

The awkward exchange came after Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called for tougher oversight of Wall Street.—AP


(Democratic debate) Break up greedy and fraudulent Wall Street, says Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says the measure enacted in 2008 to bail out investment banks did not go far enough.
He says, “The greed and reckless behavior of Wall Street, where fraud is a business model, helped to destroy this economy and the lives of millions of people.''

Sanders says, “We have got to break them up.''

His comments came during the first Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night.

Hillary Rodham Clinton says she supports continued monitoring of the banks under current law, but she sympathizes with the anger at bank officials.

She says, “I represented Wall Street as a senator from New York, and I went to Wall Street in December of 2007, before the big crash that we had, and I basically said, cut it out.''
Clinton also is acknowledging more needs to be done.—AP

Democratic debate) Clinton suggests standing up to Putin, the bully

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she would “take more of a leadership position'' and stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin over Syria.

Asked during the Democratic debate on Tuesday night about Russia's increasing involvement in the Syrian civil war, Clinton says she would take a harder line against Putin. She says, “we have to stand up to his bullying'' and ``make clear'' that Russia has to be part of the solution.

Clinton's comments were her first criticism during the debate of her former boss, President Barack Obama.

Clinton also says she would create “safe zones'' to try to ease the massive refugee crisis destabilizing the region.—AP

Democratic debate) Clinton says she pushed China on climate deal

When it comes to climate change, former Virginia Senator Jim Webb was the odd man out on the Democratic debate stage on Tuesday night.

Webb says he backs an “all of the above energy policy'' _ including coal, nuclear and the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Asked about climate change, Webb stresses the role China and India play and says the issue must be addressed as a global problem.

Webb's competitors are promising more aggressive action on climate change.

Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley says his first executive order would set a target for a 100 percent clean electric grid by 2050.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says he agrees with Pope Francis that climate change is a “moral issue.''

Hillary Clinton claims she's already been working on the issue. She says that as secretary of state, she and President Barack Obama pushed the Chinese to enter into an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases.—AP


Democratic debate) O'Malley tired of Clinton clan in the White House

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley (right) is the first to say in the debate on Tuesday night aired on CNN that another Clinton in the White House is one too many.

He says to Clinton, whose husband was president that “we cannot be this dissatisfied'' with the nation's politics and economy “and think that a resort to old names is going to move us forward.''

It's a question the Republicans also face, with Jeb Bush _ the son and brother of former presidents _ also seeking the White House.

Clinton says: “I certainly am not campaigning for president because my last name is Clinton. I'm campaigning because I think I have the right combination of what the country needs.''—AP

(Democratic debate) Sanders says give Snowden a break

Hillary Clinton and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley agree that Edward Snowden, who exposed widespread National Security Agency surveillance programs and fled to Russia, could have been protected as a whistleblower but broke the law instead.

“Whistleblowers do not run to Russia,'' O'Malley, the former Maryland governor, said during the first Democratic debate on Tuesday night.

Senator Bernie Sanders, grateful to Snowden for exposing what happened, says Snowden should get a break for educating the public. But he agrees Snowden should be penalized for breaking the law.

As of January 2014, a CBS News poll showed 61 percent of Americans, including 64 percent of Democrats, thought Snowden should have to stand trial rather than be granted amnesty.

Lincoln Chafee isn't one of them. The candidate says he should be brought home. Jim Webb is leaving it up to the legal system.—AP

(Democratic debate) Trump laments lack of standout

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump isn't impressed by his Democratic rivals' performance during their first debate on Tuesday night, broadcast by CNN.

The billionaire businessman and showman has been offering his commentary via Twitter.

He describes the debate “a little sad!'' and says the candidates seemed too scripted and rehearsed.

He has especially harsh words for the lower-polling candidates.

He says there's “no way'' anyone can imagine former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee as president and thinks former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley “has very little chance.''

On former Virginia Senator Jim Webb, he retweeted someone asking, “Why is Webb there??''
He concludes, “Sorry, there is no STAR on the stage tonight!''—AP
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