China sees 10,000 new firms every day: official

China sees 10,000 new firms every day: official
GUANGZHOU, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- China sees more than 10,000 firms born every day amid government support for entrepreneurship, a vice minister said on Saturday.

Most of the firms are small enterprises. Data was collected last March through the end of August this year and about 6 million firms were registered during the period, said Xin Guobin, vice minister of Industry and Information Technology.

The government has been cutting taxes and fees, helping small firms save about 48.6 billion yuan (7.93 billion U.S. dollars) in the first half of the year, Xin said.

Lending to small firms stood at 16.2 trillion yuan at the end of June, up 14.5 percent from last year, Xin said.

However, he admitted small firms are facing challenges amid economic slowdown, slumping product prices, rising costs and production overcapacity


Chinese tourists spend over $830 m in Japan during Golden Week

Around 400,000 tourists from the Chinese mainland visited Japan and spent nearly 100 billion yen, or around $830 million in shopping during the National Day holiday week from Oct 1-7.

Popularly known as the Golden Week, this marks a peak in travel for Chinese tourists.

Chinese customers queued up at Japanese malls to buy goods like facial masks and medical drugs. Many stores even had to put a limit on the quantity that each customer could purchase, fearing they would run out of stocks.

The spending spree by Chinese tourists have boosted the Japanese economy by around 0.1%, a 20-year high, according to Global Blue, an international company that handles tax refunds for international shoppers.

The more popular goods that Chinese tourists scramble for included toilet seats, medical drugs, and household items like thermoses, shavers and luxury goods. Medical tourism in Japan has also become a new growth sector.

Data from the Nationwide Tourist Group Services Management System shows that outbound tourists (except those heading to Hong Kong) grew by 36.6 percent year-on-year in the first four days of the week-long holiday.

Chinese online travel platform CTrip said Japan was the most popular overseas travel destination for Chinese mainland vacationers during the holiday, followed by Thailand and South Korea. Hong Kong came in fourth place, followed by Macao.

Compared to last year, the number of Chinese tourists going to Japan during the period doubled, according to NTA.

Japan's popularity among Chinese travelers was obvious within the first six months of this year when some 2.18 million Chinese tourists went to Japan, double from the year before.

Cultural affinities, devaluation of the yen and the quality of Japanese goods have been listed as the top attractions for Chinese tourists.

The National Day holiday has become an annual tourism event for Chinese people. The influx of Chinese visitors has been a welcome shot for host economies.

Retailers in Japan, South Korea, and France are becoming more accommodating to Chinese shoppers by introducing Chinese-speaking shopping assistants and welcome signs written in Chinese.


Pure gold 'Alien Baltan' to be on sale in Tokyo 

A renowned department store in Tokyo will sell a solid gold figure of a villain from the popular action franchise "Ultraman" this autumn.

The 19-centimeter, 400-gram statue of Alien Baltan, priced at 10.8 million yen ($89,249), will be available at the exhibition to be held at the retailer's store in Shinjuku, Tokyo from Oct. 15 to 20.

The store aims to use the series' popularity to generate hype for an exhibition of gold products amid brisk demand for the metal. It will also offer a medium-size figure for 1.08 million yen ($8,925) as well as a small figure.

The roughly 1,000 products at the show will include a gold replica of Tokyo Tower priced at 4.59 million yen and a figurine of a monkey, next year's zodiac sign, for 637,000 yen. An area will be set up for customers to sell gold, silver and platinum. 

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