‘Washington plots to sow discord in Muslim world’

‘Washington plots to sow discord in Muslim world’
A senior Iranian cleric says the United States is behind the conflicts currently afflicting the Middle East countries including Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

According to Press TV, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi has said that Washington is plotting to sow discord in the Muslim world.
Ayatollah Yazdi, who heads Iran’s Assembly of Experts, added that the US claims to be fighting ISIL Takfiri terrorists, while at the same time, it's funneling money and arms to the terrorist group.
He said the US has been behind countless crimes committed throughout the world and that Tehran regards Washington as its biggest enemy.
He made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the 18th official meeting of the Assembly of Experts in Tehran on Tuesday.
The body is tasked with electing and overseeing the activities of the leader of the Islamic Revolution.


‘Iran’s military might and civil defense only way to counter US threats’

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari says Iran's missile and naval achievements have reinforced its deterrent capacity.

According to Press TV, he says boosting Iran’s military might and civil defense is the only way to counter threats posed by the US.
The top commander noted that US officials are deeply concerned about Iran’s revolutionary stance in the world. Jafari stressed that IRGC forces are prepared to fight proxy wars as well as opponents of the regional resistance movement.
Jafari gave assurances that Iran will continue its all-out support for Syria against terrorist groups operating in the Arab state.
The IRGC commander also noted that Iran is planning to hold 20 military drills by March 2016.


Iran unveils two domestically-manufactured strategic radar systems

Iran has unveiled two domestically-manufactured strategic radar systems, named Nazeer and Beena.

According to Press TV, the Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili inaugurated the radars via video conference.
He said the products were built completely based on domestic know-how.
Nazeer is a long-range radar system which can detect targets within a range of over 800 kilometers and at an altitude of 100-thousand feet. It is also highly resistant to anti-radar missiles.
Also, Beena is a high precision 3-D radar system. The two products have been deployed in mountainous and desert areas in southeastern Iran.


ISIL burns alive four Iraqi troops in video
ISIL Takfiri terrorist group has released a video purportedly showing four Iraqi Shia soldiers being burned alive.

According to Press TV, the Monday video, allegedly shot in the western Anbar province by ISIL media arm, first shows four members of Iraq’s popular mobilization forces in orange jumpsuits individually confessing that they are spies. The men are then hung hogtied, upside down from the pole of a scaffold like a metal swing frame. The terrorists then set the four on fire.
Although mostly active in Iraq and Syria, ISIL has managed to expand its territory into other countries, including Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan.
The Takfiri group uses a campaign of terror, which involves gruesome methods such as videotaped beheadings, summary executions and kidnapping and rape targeting minorities.
The northern and western parts of Iraq have been plagued by gruesome violence ever since the terrorists began their campaign of terror in the country in 2014.
Iraqi military and volunteer forces have been engaged in a massive operation to push the terrorists back from Anbar, while a plan is also on the agenda to attack the Takfiris in Mosul in north of the country. 


Syria, Hezbollah capture fresh posts in Zabadani

Syrian troops and fighters of the Lebanese Islamic resistance movement, Hezbollah, have captured new positions from terrorists in their fresh drive to take full control of the southwestern town of Zabadani.

According to Press TV, military sources said Monday that the allied forces managed to liberate several building blocks from the Takfiri terrorists in Hay al-Hakmah neighborhood east of Zabadani and further advanced toward the central parts of the city.
A report by the Arabic-language al-Alam TV network said Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters have now begun to advance towards Zabadani’s main church, a last remaining position for the terrorists inside the town. It said terrorists are now encircled in an area of about one square kilometer, having no other option than to surrender themselves or face a lightning advance by the allied forces.
Syrian troops also took control of the al-Jisr district in west of Zabadani, where schools and major streets were recaptured earlier on Monday.
Other reports said at least nine terrorists, including two major commanders of the so-called Ahrar al-Sham group, had turned themselves in. Lebanese media outlets said Syrian forces had managed to kill six terrorists and capture nine more. Those killed were mostly deployed in Wadi Bardah, a district known for its compact architecture, which lies at the heart of Zabdani.
The allied forces managed to retake some other buildings in Zabadani’s eastern neighborhoods on Sunday while Syrian fighter jets continued pounding the positions of terrorists in Madhaya, a town located near Zabadani on the road to the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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