Supermodel Bar Refaeli's Wedding Declared a 'No-Fly Zone'

Supermodel Bar Refaeli's Wedding Declared a 'No-Fly Zone'

Taking it too far? Super celeb's 'wedding of the year' to businessman next week will cause wide airspace to be off limits

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli's imminent wedding has been long touted in local media as the "wedding of the year," but it reached new proportions of extravagant absurdity on Friday as the Civil Aviation Authority declared the area above the wedding a no-fly zone.

Refaeli (30) is set to tie the knot next Thursday with Israeli businessman Adi Ezra (40), heir to the giant food import company Neto ME Holdings, Ltd. She was married to Arik Weinstein in 2003 but divorced two years later, and then dated the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio from 2006 to 2011.

The Civil Aviation Authority on Friday published orders to pilots and airlines, declaring the airspace over the Carmel forests where the wedding will take place as a no-fly zone during the wedding next Thursday from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Apparently the photography company that is to document the luxurious wedding asked to close the airspace where a surveillance balloon is to be flying, in addition to two private planes and five miniature aircraft - apparently drones to be used in filming the extravaganza.

No less than four square kilometers (1.5 square miles) of land are included in the no-fly zone order up to a height of 3,000 feet.

One pilot who had planned to fly in the area at the time complained to Yedioth Aharonoth that "closing public air resources because of the request of a celeb who wants privacy is like closing the (busy Tel Aviv) Ayalon Highway because a celeb doesn't want one of the cars on the road to photograph him at home."

"Even if it's for security...the ones harmed by the matter are the public of pilots and the resources stolen are from the public. Either way, it really really stinks, and that's putting it mildly."

The Transportation Ministry stated that the decision was taken for security reasons due to the high number of aircraft flying in the area at the time.

"These are security guidelines carried out at times of operating unmanned aircraft," said the ministry in a statement. "The guidelines were published in accordance with the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority, and the principles fixed in the law."


Watch: Arab Cop Berates Elderly Jew on Waqf's Orders

Activists post video showing Arab officer on Temple Mount threatening to 'kick out' Jewish man if he makes any movements.

A shocking video began making the rounds on the internet Friday morning, showing an Arab police officer berating an elderly Jewish man and demanding he not make any movements on the Temple Mount, all on the orders of a Jordanian Waqf guard.

The footage from the holiest site in Judaism, posted to Facebook by activists of the Otzma Yehudit party led by ex-MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, can be viewed by clicking the image below.

At the start of the clip, a Waqf guard in a white t-shirt and sunglasses is seen filming a group of Jewish visitors and speaking to the officer in Arabic, apparently demanding that he warn them.

The cop then says in strident tones to the elderly Jew: "no movements. One more time and I'll detain you and kick you out - you got it?"

The surprised Jew responds, asking "what?," to which the officer barks: "okay, one more time and I'll detain you and kick you out. No movements, nothing, and you don't touch anyone, got it? Good."

Following a week of violent Arab riots against police on the Mount, the video gives even more stark testimony to the discriminatory status on the holiest site in Judaism. There the Waqf bans Jewish prayer despite Israeli law stipulating freedom of worship, and turns a blind eye to Islamists preparing attacks and harassing Jews.

According to the Otzma Yehudit activists, the Arab police officer "who receives a salary from our taxes" is "well known to us. He works for the Waqf."

"The elderly Jew moved his lips...breach of public order. The Waqf man complained and the officer took actions. Arab women scream and threaten and hit, and not a single officer warns them," wrote the activists.


Jerusalem: Arabs Bear Nazi Symbols on License Plates

Residents horrified to see Arabs replacing Israeli flag on their license plates with Nazi cross, eagle.

Arab residents of Jerusalem have tampered their license plates to show a Nazi symbol instead of the flag of the State of Israel, Israeli news outlets revealed Friday. 

Israeli yellow license plates display a Jewish star to the left of the license number. Israel-hatred has taken a whole new level, however, with that star now being replaced with the black cross on red - a lesser-known Nazi symbol than the swastika - as well as the Reich's eagle. 

"Although these are isolated incidents in east Jerusalem, it is certainly disturbing," one Jerusalemite told Walla! News.  

Sergeant Eric Abulof, a Jerusalem firefighter, noticed another car with the symbol as he drove through downtown Jerusalem. He identified the vehicle via registration number as belonging to a resident of Umm Tuba. 

"For a moment I thought that the plate was foreign, but when I stopped behind him at the intersection I was horrified to see the Nazi symbol replace the Israeli flag on the license plate," he stated. 

Abulof even tried to give the driver benefit of the doubt, and only drew conclusions about the license plate's origin after checking the number with the registry. 

After confirming the symbols and their origin, Abulof, who hails from a family of Holocaust survivors, notified the police. 

"I just cannot get down on paper the feelings of anger towards the driver or car owner," he fumed.


'Iran is Teaching Gazan Children How to Murder Jews'

Research center head reveals Israeli policy mistake in focusing on Iran's nuclear capability, but not its training Gaza children to murder.

Journalist David Bedein, head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Thursday about how Iran is funding terror camps in Gaza that teach children there how to murder Jews.

Bedein's center just last Thursday released a new video entitled "Iran: Billions for Terror?," revealing the involvement of the Islamic regime in funding terrorist training in Gaza and summer camps, where children are taught to conduct attacks against Israel.

Those camps are "a systematic education for children to learn how to use weapons to murder Jews," explained the journalist.

According to Bedein, Israel has made a policy mistake in choosing to emphasize the threat of Iran's nuclear capability in its opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

"The nuclear capability is one thing, which most people can't understand - not in Israel and not abroad. What people can understand is what it means to put thousands of guns in the hands of children and to train them systematically to murder Jews."

Bedein warned about the effects in Gaza of sanctions relief from the Iran deal, which gives the leading state sponsor of terror a windfall of up to $150 billion.

"Iran: Billions for Terror?," which was broadcast on Fox News this week, consists of video materials filmed by Arab journalists in Gaza.

In it, children are seen training to blow up Israeli towns, and applauding video of former Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei saying the entire world - and particularly the Muslim world - must help the Palestinian Arabs with all weapons possible.

The film, "Iran: Billions for Terror?," can be viewed below.

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