President Rouhani praises fast pace of armed forces toward self-sufficiency

President Rouhani praises fast pace of armed forces toward self-sufficiency

A senior North Korean official has vowed to launch a "very strong military counteraction" if the South Korean government fails to halt broadcasts of anti-Pyongyang propaganda.

"If South Korea does not respond to our ultimatum, our military counteraction will be inevitable, and that counteraction will be very strong," Pyongyang's Deputy UN Ambassador An Myong Hun told reporters on Friday in New York.

According to reports, loudspeakers have been broadcasting propaganda messages against Pyongyang across the border since August 10. South Korea had suspended broadcasting anti-Pyongyang messages through loudspeakers since 2004.

Seoul re-launched the mudslinging campaign following a landmine explosion that severely injured two South Korean soldiers who were patrolling the inter-Korean demilitarized zone. North Korea has denied the accusation that it had planted the mines.

The tensions on the troubled peninsula are running high since Thursday when South Korea fired dozens of shells across the border into North Korea in retaliation for an apparent Pyongyang rocket attack.


Malaysia police arrest 10 people suspected of being linked to Takfiri terrorists 

Malaysia has arrested ten individuals suspected of having links to the Takfiri Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group and planning attacks in the Southeast Asian country.

Malaysia’s national police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said in a statement late Thursday that the 10 suspects – eight men and two women – were allegedly “planning to obtain weapons to launch attacks in the country and arrange logistics for Malaysians to join” Daesh in Syria.

He said that the nationals, aged between 24 and 42, are suspected of being involved in activities to promote Daesh ideology, including raising funds for the movement to recruit Malaysians and planning to buy weapons for an attack in Malaysia.

The police are now investigating the suspects, who were detained by the country’s special counter-terrorism unit in various parts of the country, including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital and most populous city.

Among the 10 are a kindergarten teacher, a former interior designer and two civil servants. The remaining six are security forces personnel.


Four new fires erupt in China’s Tianjin port disaster area 
Four new fires burned on Friday within a disaster zone in China’s Tianjin port where massive warehouse explosions more than a week ago killed at least 114 people and contaminated the area with toxic chemicals.

The fires were spotted in a car parking lot and at three other locations within a 3-km evacuated area, the official Xinhua News Agency said. It did not give more details, but the state-run Legal Evening News said firefighters put out the fire in the parking lot and that cleanup work in the disaster zone soon resumed.

Technicians have detected levels of cyanide as much as 356 times the safe level within the evacuated zone, although no abnormal contamination was found outside the zone, according to state media reports.

Workers in protective suits have started clearing wreckage, including charred car bodies and crumpled shipping containers, from the area of chemical warehouses that exploded Aug. 12. Xinhua said excavating equipment was being used to clear the site, and trucks were carrying out debris.

Officials have ordered nationwide checks on dangerous materials. Driving home the importance of such efforts, President Xi Jinping and other top leaders gathered in Beijing to hear a report on progress in investigating the disaster.

Suspicions that official corruption contributed to the disaster were underlined in revelations on Wednesday in a Xinhua article that the two silent owners used their connections with police, fire, port and workplace safety officials to secure approval for their company, Ruihai International Logistics, to operate warehouses for hazardous materials.

The Ruihai owners were able to secure permits to store toxic chemicals, including sodium cyanide, ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate, even though their facility is located less than the required 1,000 metres (yards) from homes and public roads a clear violation of state safety rules.

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