Bahraini regime cooperating with MKO against Iran

Source: Bahraini regime cooperating with MKO against Iran

Informed sources disclosed the Bahraini regime's cooperation with the terrorist group MKO against Iran.

"The Al Khalifa regime has recently asked the MKO terrorist group to cooperate with the Manama government to confront Iran," a Bahraini informed source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told FNA on Sunday.
He noted that the Bahrain intelligence service believes that Iran is the main supporter of the Manama government's opponents and for the same reason it supports the MKO that is an armed opposition to the Islamic Republic and has assassinated over 12,000 citizens and officials.
"The Manama government has sent Bahraini lawmaker Jamal Bouhassan to Paris to meet MKO leaders to the same end," the source said.
The source also revealed that Bahraini journalist Hani al-Fardan has been arrested for publishing an article against MKO.
Al-Fardan has been arrested over an article during which he criticized Bahraini lawmakers for supporting the MKO terrorist group.
Al-Fardan, the Arabic-language Al-Wasat journalist, was interrogated over his article that criticized the Salafist Member of Parliament, Jamal Bouhassan, who attended the MKO meetings in Paris, and disclosed how Bahrain and its Parliament support the MKO terrorist organization's activities against Iran.


Iran, Azerbaijan plan to establish joint bank

Iran and Azerbaijan are in talks for the establishment of a joint bank whose branches would conduct financial operations in the two countries.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Azerbaijan's Trend News Agency, Iran's Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi noted that in addition to the joint bank, the two neighbors are also discussing the opening of branches of the two countries’ banks in Baku and Tehran.
Vaezi, who is also co-chairman of Iran-Azerbaijan intergovernmental commission, added that a number of Iran's private banks are interested in entering Azerbaijan's banking market.
The Iranian minister said the main obstacle on the way of banking cooperation between Tehran and Baku is the existing sanctions against Iran's financial sector, which do not allow cooperation between the two countries’ banks to reach an appropriate level.
“There is a branch of Bank Melli Iran in Azerbaijan, but it is not active,” Vaezi noted, adding that preliminary talks on the expansion of banking cooperation between the two countries have been already held and the existing problems are expected to be solved during a forthcoming visit to Iran by Governor of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Elman Rustamov. Vaezi, however, did not mention the exact date of Rustamov’s visit.
The Iranian minister also touched upon the issue of Iranian money that is currently frozen in the Azerbaijani bank accounts and whose amount has been estimated at USD 200 million.

“The representatives of the banking sectors of Azerbaijan and Iran are discussing the use of this capital,” he said, adding, “A part of these funds is planned to be directed to the [Iranian] oil sector, and this was discussed during my last visit to Baku. Another part of the funds is to be used to increase the capital of Bank Melli Iran.”
Vaezi emphasized that further development of the two countries’ banking cooperation is necessary for expansion of trade relations between Tehran and Baku.
“Currently, the trade volume between our countries is about USD 500 million…. I think that it's not a very good indicator for the two neighboring countries and peoples so close to each other. Azerbaijan and Iran have set a goal to increase this figure by four times to USD 2 billion,” he said.


‘Attacks on teachers by school kids have doubled’

Fresh reports indicate that attacks on British teachers by schoolchildren have doubled in the past six years.

According to the British daily, the Daily Mirror, record numbers of the youngest schoolchildren are being suspended for attacking teachers.
The report said reception class pupils of four or five were sent home after assaulting adults 940 times last year, noting that there were also cases of assaults on classmates, verbal abuse, sexual misconduct, bullying and racism.
It added that another 510 were ­temporarily excluded for assaulting playmates, 310 for persistent disruption, 130 for verbal abuse, 20 for vandalism, ten for sexual misconduct and a handful for bullying or racist acts.
This is while campaigners blame video games and online images for the rise in school violence and misbehavior. 
They have also warned about children’s exposure to such audio and video materials, saying any rise in antisocial behavior, particularly among the younger generations, remains a source of concern.


John Bolton says China has 'real weakness in economy'

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton has lashed out at China for manipulation of its currency, saying the country has a “real weakness in the economy.”

“I think a lot of their statistics are just made up, and I think the collapse in the stock market is an indication of that,” he said on Sunday.
Washington accuses Beijing of currency manipulation during the past years, an allegation denied by Chinese officials.
Bolton, however, warned American officials about the growing power of China in Asia, calling on the US to strengthen its presence in the region.
“Asia is going to be increasingly important for America, for our economy, for our political and military wellbeing as well,” he said.
“This is a huge area where the United States has an enormous interest. We have friends like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore that feel threatened by a rising China. We need to have a debate about how to deal with this, why we need a strong American presence,” Bolton added.
The United States accuses China of lowering the price of its exports by manipulating its currency.
As Washington pressures Beijing over the Chinese currency, China accuses the US of turning the yuan into a scapegoat for its own economic problems.
Bolton also urged US presidential candidates to have plans for the rising power of China. “We need to have a debate about how to deal with this. I hope the candidates take it up as time goes on,” he said.

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