Operation Maitri

Indian Air Force (IAF) Continues to Provide Relief to Stranded Persons of Earthquake Hit Nepal- Operation Maitri

Continuing the efforts by the IAF to help Nepal which was struck by severe earthquakes, relief is being provided to the people in distress across Nepal including remote and  inaccessible areas.  The details of operations carried out so far are as    under :-

Type of Aircraft
No. of Sorties Carried Out
No. of Persons Evacuated
No. of Casualties Evacuated
Total Tons of Weight Carried
No. of Persons De-Inducted
IL 76
1185+07 Mortal Remains+02 Lying patients


1761+11 Lying Patients+06 Sitting Patients
MI-17 V5
3613+13 Lying Patients+07 Mortal Remains+06 Sitting Patients

Six IAF Medium Lift Helicopters (MLH) are positioned at Kathmandu.  Two MLHs are positioned at Pokhara.  The most affected areas where casualty evacuation  were carried in the past few days are Chautara, Charkot, Dhading, Melum, Lukla, Aroghat, Dhunche, Trishuli, Ramchap, Barpak, Narayan Chor, Namchi Bazar and Tatopani.  Till 0800 hrs today, 63 sorties were carried out evacuating 315 people to safer places including 05 Chinese who were evacuated from Lamabagar. 15 casualties were evacuated.  The load carried today by these helicopters were 36.3 tons.

It would be pertinent to note that transport and helicopter aircraft are being utilised extensively for Human Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) operations. The Indian Air Force, after proving its mettle in bringing succor to scores of people after Yemen evacuation this month, Jammu & Kashmir in September last year, has once again risen to the occasion and added a pioneering chapter  in Disaster Relief by bringing relief to the needy and evacuate them from earthquake hit areas in Nepal. The Indian Air Force reaffirms its commitment towards Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations in support of the nation.


Purchase of French and Russian Jets 

As per the India-France Joint Statement issued by the two countries during the Prime Minister’s visit to France, Government of India conveyed to the Government of France that in view of the critical operational necessity for Multirole Combat Aircraft for Indian Air Force (IAF), Government of India would like to acquire 36 Rafale jets in fly-away condition as quickly as possible. The two leaders agreed to conclude an Inter-Governmental Agreement for supply of the aircraft on terms that would be better than conveyed by Dassault Aviation as part of a separate process underway, the delivery would be in time-frame that would be compatible with the operational requirement of IAF; and that the aircraft and associated systems and weapons would be delivered on the same configuration as had been tested and approved by IAF, and with a longer maintenance responsibility by France. 

An Inter-Governmental Agreement has been signed with Russian Federation for design, development, production etc. of a Prospective Multi Role Fighter Aircraft. 

All aircraft that are developed or procured are tested for their operational performance, maintainability and safety features. 

The modernization of the armed forces is undertaken in consonance with the roadmap laid down in the Long Term Integrated Perspective Plan (LTIPP), which specifies the desired capabilities that the armed forces need to acquire over a 15 year period giving due consideration to the current capabilities of the armed forces, the emerging threats in the region and the prevailing technological environment. The budgetary allocation that has been made towards modernization of the IAF has been fully utilized over the past five years. 

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Dr. V. Maitreyan in Rajya Sabha today. 


Progress of Road Construction by BRO 

73 roads are identified as strategic Indo-China border roads (ICBR), out of which 61 roads have been entrusted to Border Roads Organisation (BRO) with a length of 3410 km which were planned to be completed by 2012.
Out of 61 ICBRs with BRO, 19 roads of length 625 km have been completed and connectivity has been achieved on 24 roads.  Of the remaining 18 roads, work is under progress on 16 roads, while works on 2 roads is yet to commence due to pending wildlife clearance (Road Flag Hill-Dokala in Sikkim) and non connectivity to start point (Road Timbu-Mago-Chuna in Arunachal Pradesh).  Of a total length of 3409.27 Km, 2704.58 km formation and 1983.85 km surfacing works have been completed.
There are certain delays in execution of road projects mainly due to the following reasons:
Delay in Forest / Wildlife clearance.
Hard rock stretches.
Limited working season.
Difficulties in availability of construction material.
Due to natural disaster such as flash flood of Leh in 2010, earthquake in Sikkim in 2011 and J&K flood in 2014, resources are diverted.
Delay in land acquisition.
(d)  The following measures has been taken to improve the work ethics in BRO:
In order to improve the operational efficiency of BRO and to achieve clarity and accountability, Government of India (Allocation of Business rules 1961) has been amended vide notification dated 9th January 2015 to include ‘all matters relating to Border Roads Development Board and Border Roads Organisation (BRO)’ in the list of business allocated to Ministry of Defence.
E-procurement is being done for ensuring transparency.
The financial powers of ground executive have been enhanced for speedy sanction and execution of works.
In order to introduce the latest art of technology being used by various developed countries the officers of BRO are being sent on training in various foreign countries.
Inspection of works on roads is being carried out regularly by executives at Project, Task Force level and by Regional inspection teams to ensure the quality of works.
In case of delay in completion of works Chief Engineer Projects are counselled to show greater diligence in the achievement of laid down targets.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shrimati  Renuka Chowdhury in Rajya Sabha today.


Cases of Custodial Killings, Rape and Torture Against Army Personnel 

The details of complaints of custodial killings, rape, torture and enforced disappearances against army personnel received by the Army Head Quarters from different sources during last three years are as under:-

North East States
Arunachal Pradesh

The information relating to cases filed in all the Courts throughout the country is not centrally maintained. During the last three years, request for prosecution in respect of following two cases in North East under Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 has been received:

S. No.
Prosecution Sanction Against
Date of incident
Captain Tejpratap Singh and Others of 8 SIKH Regiment in connection with Harangajao PS case No 05/2008 U/S 448/302 IPS
Killing of Shri Projit Langthasa
Lieutenant Dhaka Naveen Kumar and Others in connection with Algapur PS case No 243/2010 U/S 365//302/IPS
Death of Shri Ikbal Hussain Laskar

Pursuant to newspaper reports about killing of innocent civilians in an operation launched in general area Katwari Forest (Kalaroos-Machhil Sector, J&K) from 30.04.2010 to 02.05.2010, a Court of Inquiry was ordered and subsequently disciplinary actions have been taken against 14 Army personnel.

The lists of cases filed in High Court of Jammu & Kashmir is as follows.

Ser No
Date of Incident
Current Status

Cases Registered in 2012 ( 03 Cases):

OWP 195/2012
Gh Mohd War vs State and others
23rd  April 1996
Custodial killing
Reply Affidavit filed has denied allegations. Police have filed Status Report on 28th January 2014 of challan of case and of sanction being sought from Central Government for prosecuting Maj. Duhoon.
OWP No 412/2012
Abdul Salam vs UOI
13th  August 1993

Reply Affidavit filed on 3rd  August 2012. During Hearing on 3rd  December 2013, Reply Affidavit by Army taken on record. Last heard on 19th  February 2015. Next date not fixed.

OWP 894/2012
Mst Fazi Vs State of J&K
14th  July 2012
Reply Affidavit filed on 17th  September 2012 has denied the allegations. Case last heard on 5th  February 2015. Case listed for Hearing in March 2015.

Cases Registered in 2013 ( 05 Cases):

OWP 332/2013
Mst Farida V/S UOI
23rd  June 2003
FIR No 08/2005 registered by                          PS Kothibagh on directions of CJM, Srinagar & investigation in progress. Reply Affidavit filed on 8thAugust 2013. Court directed IGP on 10th October 2013 to file Status Report. Last Hearing on 18th February 2014. Case not listed since then.

OWP 1559/2013
Abdul Rehman Beigh VS UOI Others  J&K

October 2001
Came up for Hearing on 4thNovember 2013. Court directed filing Reply Affidavit within four weeks. Last listed on 11th August 2014 but not heard. No fixed date for next Hearing.

OWP 1534/2013
Ab Ahad Shah & Ors vs UOI & Others

23/24 February 1991
Court directed to State to grant compensation has been challenged by the State through an SLP in the Apex Court. Case last heard on 23rd  February 2015. No fixed date for next Hearing.
OWP 1782/2013 &
CMA 2471/2013
(REGD IN 2013)
15/16 October 1999
Parawise comments being filed by Legal Cell, HQ 16 Corps.
OWP 266/2013 &
CMA 329/2013 titled Mst Safiya Begum v/s UOI & Ors
3rd  October 2003
Custodial killing
 Case under progress.  Reply Affidavit is being filed.

Cases Registered in 2014 ( 03 Cases):


OWP 80/ 2014
Akhter Hussain Nazar Vs UOI & Ors
First Hearing on 28th January 2014. Reply Affidavit filed on 30th  August 2014. Case not listed for Hearing thereafter.
OWP 452/2014
Abida vs UOI, HCP 107/1996 in High Court
29 December 1995
Prosecution sanction denied by Ministry of Defence on 12th  February 2010. First listed on                 3rd April  2014.
OWP 917/2014 Saleema Begum vs UOI & Ors
Custodial killing
SHRC in Complaint 193/2007,                      dated 14th March 2013 recommended compensation by State. First Hearing on 13thJune 2014. Reply Affidavit being filed. Case not listed since September 2014.

The lists of cases filed in High Court of North East is as follows.
Ser No
Title & Case No
Date of Incident
Present Status

Year 2012 (07 Cases)

Sri John Kennedy Marak Vs UOI & Others
WP (C) 383/2012- Assam
7th  June 2011
Torture/ Illegal Detention
Case disposed off on   13th  February 2012. Allegation not proved.

Lileswar Moran &              Two Others Vs UOI and Others

WP (C) 6/2012 – Assam
25th December 2011
Custodial Death
Case disposed off on 15thNovember 2013. Compensation of Rs 9.3 lac awarded by Court to the Petitioner.
Smt Mithinga Narzary Boro wife of   Shri Sankhang Boro VS UOI & Others
 WP(C)  12/2012  – Assam
25th  January 2012
Case disposed off on 19th June 2012.  Allegation not proved.
Sri Jugeswar Daimary             Vs UOI & Others
WP(C) 5243/2012– Assam
20th  May 2002

In progress. Last Hearing of the Case was in  September 2014.

2014 2014.
Smt Gurumayum (O) Radha Devi Vs UOI & others
WP (C) 8/2012– Assam
18th August 2011
Case disposed off on   18th  September  2012. Allegation not proved.
Sh Sarangthem alias Sajoaba Singh
WP (C) 92/2012    -Manipur
23rd  February 2011
Case disposed off on 26th  July 2013. Allegation not proved.

Smt Mangolnganbi Devi Vs UOI & Others
WP (C) 616//2012-Manipur
15thJanuary 2012
Custodial Killing
Case disposed off on 4th October  2012. Allegation not proved. Liberty to file new one.

Year 2013 (10 Cases):

Sri Raj Kumar Rabha and Others Vs UOI & Others
WP (C) 4256/2013 –Assam

21st December 2012
Torture/ Killing
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on  9th  May 2014.
Sri Henjen Narzary and Others Vs UOI and Others
WP(C) 7388/2013– Assam
11thDecember 2013
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on  23rd  April  2014.
Sri Sumitra Basumatary Vs UOI & Others
WP (C) 4013/2013–Assam
8th   November 2010
Case disposed off on 26th  July 2013. Allegation not proved.
Nailin Malangmei vs UOI
WP (C) 538/2013 -Manipur
14th  July 2013
Case dismissed by Manipur High Court on   21st  May 2014. Allegation not proved.
Shri N Muhendro Meiti Vs State of Manipur & Others
WP(C) 29/2013 - Manipur

12thJanuary 2012
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 18thDecember 2014.
Smt Tingu Jam Ongbi Devi Vs State of Manipur & Others
WP (C) 32/2013 - Manipur

12th  January 2012
Custodial death
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on  18th  December  2014.
 Smt Mangolnganbi Devi Vs UOI & Others
 WP (C) 92/2013 - Manipur
15th  January 2013
Custodial Killing
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 5thDecember  2014.

Mr Thuinilung Kamei Vs UOI & Others
 WP(C) 24/2013- Manipur
22nd  June 2013
Illegal Detention
Case disposed off on 8th July 2013. Allegation not proved.
Mst Hamida Vs State of Manipur & 05 Others WP (C) 25/2013
15thJanuary 2012
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 19th  November  2013.
 Smt Hawaibam Ongbi Maipakpi Leima Vs UOI & 03 Others
 WP (C) 38/2013- Manipur
18th  March 2010
Illegal Detention &
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 18thOctober  2014.

Year 2014 (09 Cases):

Sri Bhupen Basumatary Vs UOI & Others
WP (C) 144/2014– Assam
22nd  June 2009
Case disposed off on 9th January 2014. Allegation not proved.
Sri Lakhiram Basumatary Vs UOI & Others
WP (C)  2179/2014–Assam
8th  December 2013
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 25th  June  2014.
Shri Phijam Manikumar Vs UOI & Others
WP (C) 2481/2014 –Manipur
13 March 2010
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 16th July  2014.
Konto Warisa & Anr Vs UOI and Others
WP(C) 4368/2014 –Assam
14-19 July 2009
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on  20th  February  2015.
Smt  Meitieram Vs UOI & seven Others
WP (C) 14/2014– Assam
12th  March  2012
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on   29th  May  2014
Smt Soro Khibam Ongbi Nandini Devi Vs UOI and four Others
WP (C) 656/2014-Manipur
4th  January  2009
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 5thDecember  2014.
Smt Seram Ongbi Sunita Devi Vs UOI & 05 Others
WP (C) 840/2014-Manipur
30th  June 2009
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 3rdDecember  2014.
Smt Laishram Ongbi Prema Devi VS UOI &  05 Others
WP (C)  841/2014-Manipur
30th  June 2009
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 3rdDecember   2014
Mr Guangbi Dangmei Vs UOI and 05 Others
WP (C) 943/2014-Manipur
31st December 2012
In progress. Last date of Hearing was on 20thFebruary  2015.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shri Avinash Pande in Rajya Sabha today.
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