Inspire younger generation to engage in Indological research, says President Mukherjee

Inspire younger generation to engage in Indological research, says President Mukherjee

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee interacted with prominent Indologists of Russia today (May 10, 2015) in Moscow. 

Addressing the distinguished Indologists, the President said although their work ensures that they are always inter-connected with India and its history, culture, heritage, politics and arts. India appreciates their contribution in promoting better understanding of India in Russia. At the same time, it is also important to inspire the younger generation to engage in Indological research by giving it contemporary relevance and making it not only intellectually stimulating but also professionally rewarding. 

The President announced that the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) will institute an annual Distinguished Indologist award for promoting Indology aboard. He also announced that ICCR will organize a regional conference on Sanskrit and Indology in Russia. Support for the Indian Chair in the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences from ICCR will also be continued for another two years. 


Indian Community in Russia can play an important role in propelling economic ties between the two countries to a higher trajectory, says President Mukherjee

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee attended a reception hosted by Shri P.S. Raghavan, Ambassador of India to Russia for the Indian community today (May 10, 2015) in Moscow. 

Addressing the gathering, the President said the Indian community in Russia has contributed significantly to the development of close ties of friendship between India and Russia. Interaction between the two countries at the people-to-people level have always been warm and friendly. This has been exemplified by Russian interest in Indian cinema, culture and heritage and the popularity in India of Russian literature, arts, circus and sciences. 

The President said the last fifteen years have seen a qualitative change in India’s relations with Russia. With the signing of a declaration on India-Russia strategic partnership in October 2000, India established perhaps it’s closest institutionalized ties with any foreign country. This association has since continued to grow and diversify into newer areas. In recognition of the multi-faceted bilateral engagement of the two countries, India today terms its relationship a special and privileged strategic partnership. 

The President said total trade between India and Russia is US Dollar 6 billion annually, which is less than 1 per cent of India’s total trade amounting to US Dollar 765 billion. Since April 2000, FDI inflows into India is US Dollar 246 billion, out of which only US Dollar 1 billion has come from Russia. Given the size of the economies of both the countries, there is huge potential to enhance commercial and investment exchanges. The synergies and new opportunities arising between the two economies should be fully utilized. The Indian Community in Russia, as repositories of unique information and insights about India and Russia, can play an important role in propelling economic ties between the two countries to a higher trajectory. 


PM's remarks after dedication to the nation of 2.5 MT steel plant at IISCO, Burnpur

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today described the Union Government and 29 State Governments as 30 pillars of "TEAM INDIA" which would take India forward. Addressing a large public meeting at Burnpur after dedicating to the nation the 2.5 MT modernized and expanded IISCO steel plant at Burnpur, the Prime Minister mentioned various instances of cooperative federalism of recent months, including the setting up of the NITI Aayog, and the devolution of additional revenues to the States through acceptance of the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission. 

"Koi "iisco" kahe, koi usko kahe, lekin aaj ka avsar toh hum sabko garv dene vaala hai," the Prime Minister said. 

The Prime Minister said that the decades old Land Boundary issue between India and Bangladesh had been successfully resolved through the same spirit of Team India, as all state governments and political parties had come together to support the resolution of the issue. 

The Prime Minister said it was time for India to address the issue of "geographical imbalance" too along with economic and social imbalance. He said that eastern India too should develop as fast as western India is developing, and for that, development of Bengal is essential. 

The Prime Minister said "District Mineral Foundations" would be set up to help speed up progress and welfare of the poor in the mineral-rich districts. He said that within a year, the atmosphere of gloom has lifted, and all global rating agencies now agree that India is among the world's fastest growing economies. 


Shri Rajnath Singh launches three social security schemes in Lucknow 

Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh today launched three social security schemes, - Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana and Atal Pension Yojana, - in Lucknow today. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Rajnath Singh said that these schemes were envisaged in the Union Budget 2015-16 and have taken concrete shape today. He said the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s pathbreaking Jan Dhan Yojana has received tremendous success across the country and this scheme to provide banking facility to every household has been commended by the World Bank. 

Shri Rajnath Singh said the people of the country need financial security and the Government is committed to ensuring this. He said the Government will stand by the rural, poor and needy people and that these schemes are essential for providing economic security to the millions. He said that the Government will soon roll out schemes on ensuring universal healthcare to all. 

Uttar Pradesh Governor Shri Ram Naik presided over the function. On the occasion, ten beneficiaries were felicitated. The three social schemes were launched in simultaneous functions at 115 venues across the country. 


India’s Space Conquest Dream to Benefit from Indigenous Hi-Tech Says Dr Harsh Vardhan 

Motivates Indian Scientists to Think Big-and Also Care for Small 

The Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Dr Harsh Vardhan has urged India’s scientific community to celebrate the spirit of “Make in India” by conceptualising processes and products that cover everything from space conquest to the building blocks of life to mundane construction material. 

Addressing reporters after a visit to Advanced Material and Processes Research Institute (AMPRI) which is part of the Centre of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) family, Dr Harsh Vardhan said, “We have made revolutionary advances in radiation shielding material to protect humans from the hazards of space radiation during missions in outer space. These conform to NASA specifications.” 

“Here at the AMPRI, I see that spirit already embedded. My scientist colleagues are developing advanced radiation shielding which is needed for astronauts while not forgetting the environmental soundness of flyash bricks and cement,” he remarked on a visit to the Bhopal today. 

He reminded the media that India has planned a manned space mission in 2021. Indian scientists have already developed credible technology in most of the areas necessary. This capability to protect our astronauts from all kinds of radiation is another breakthrough. NASA, the Houston (USA)-based centre for space research, has also acknowledged India’s steady advancements. 

“Wherever I go in India, I see scientists in CSIR, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences and even private scientific foundations engaged in inventing and reinventing things. The Prime Minister’s call for “Make in India” has indeed given our scientific creativity a boost,” he said. 

AMPRI is one of the major celebrants of this “new wave”, the Minister noted. In this connection he listed some recent achievements as follows made by its 43-member scientific team. 

* Aluminium Alloy Silicon Carbide, a metal-matrix composite has potential applications in strategic and automobile sectors. The composites thus developed have been transferred to Exclusive Magnesium, a Hyderabad-based private sector company. 

* Significant achievements in Metallic Foams, Smart and Functional Materials, Graphene and Carbon Nano Tubes base Composites. These are crucial for “Make In India” success and the manufacturing sector will be able to source these materials without relying on imports. 

* Significant progress in extrusion, electromagnetic forming and special processing techniques for light alloy products has been made and major industries such as BHEL, Tata Motors, Mahindra &Mahindra, Ashok Leyland have shown keen interest in the development of lightweight high performance components. 

* Jindal Steel, one of the largest private core sector giants, in the process of adopting flyash-based cementitious binder based on success in transferring a novel process. Allied breakthrough customized for sugar mills is also attracting industries’ interest. 

* developed a hydro-generator shaft on sponsorship from BHEL Bhopal, which is fabricated by rolling, welding and suitable post-heat treatments from a thick section of a plate with properties similar to those of forged imported material. In addition to import substitution, the development of the welded hydro-generator shaft has led to material cost saving to the tune of 80%. 

Dr Harsh Vardhan added that he has big plans for AMPRI. “We have to achieve global status and establish a niche in the areas of Materials and Processes. To achieve this, I am happy to see its scientists pursuing research on Nano Materials, Graphene and carbon Nano Tubes based composites, Material modelling and design etc. AMPRI aspires to provide scientific and technological input to societal missions of relevance to rural development.” 
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