Shri Piyush Goyal Launches Updated Websites of Ministries of Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy

The Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy, Shri Piyush Goyal briefing the media after launching the Redesigned Websites of the Ministry of Power, Coal and NRE, in New Delhi on January 20, 2015.
Shri Piyush Goyal Launches Updated Websites of Ministries of Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy

Inspired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji’s vision of “Digital India”, Ministries of Power, Coal & New & Renewable Energy have re-designed their websites to make them user-friendly, mobile/tablet responsiveand engaging. These websites will continue to be further improved in the days to come to make them even more communicative and easy to navigate.The URLs are as follows:

·        Ministry of Power:
·        Ministry of Coal:
·        Ministry of New & Renewable Energy:

In addition, Minister Piyush Goyal’s own website http://www.piyushgoyal.inhas been updated with latest videos, talks (including Parliamentary speeches) and achievements/initiatives undertaken by the government.

Speaking to the media persons after launching websites, Shri Goyal said that “Digital India” is a mission for this government. In the words of Hon’ble Prime Minister himself, “E-governance is easy, economical and effective governance”, and departments are taking great strides towards this endeavour. The Minister further stated that the new websites launched on the eve of the World Economic Forum at Davos will also help showcase India’s energy sector to the international business community in a professional manner, which will attract investments and aid in fulfilling our targets particularly in developing renewable energy.

Giving details of features of new websites, Shri Goyal said that the websites have been designed with user requirements in mind with categorizations by industry type (e.g. power generation, transmission, distribution, coal mining, coal linkages, coal auction etc.). In this way a specific user interested in coal auction can directly see all information related to the initiative with one click. Additionally, the initiatives and achievements of the first 200 days have been compiled into e-books in Hindi and English, which are featured prominently on the sites.The websites have been updated with all the recent schemes and latest news. Moreover, with the proliferation of mobile devices, the critical sites / sections have also been designed to provide a seamless experience on mobile devices, Shri Goyal added.


Need to Address Problems & Challengs Arrising Out of Carbondioxide Emmission: Suresh Prabhu

Suresh Prabhu Releases A Book ‘Carbon, Capture, Storage & Utlization’ Published by Teri

The Minister of Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu released a book “Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization (CCSU)” edited by Ms. Malti Goel, Shri M. Sudhakar and Shri R.V. Shahi, here today. The book deals with the issue of mitigating climate change concerns arising out of emission of carbondioxide in atmosphere. It is a collection of papers prepared by eminent authors. R.V. Shahi is the Former Power Secretary, Govt. of India, Malti Goel, Former Advisor in the Ministry of Science and Technology, and M. Sudhakar, Advisor/Scientist, Ministry of Earth Sciences.

The book has been published by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) a Nongovernmental organization which works for sustaining environment with a global vision and a local focus. Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization(CCSU) is a global response to the challenge of climate change mitigation. It is an emerging energy technology dealing with capturing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, storing it away in underground reservoir and / or utilizing it by conversion to various food, feedstock and fuels etc.

Shri Suresh Prabhu said that Ministry of Railways is the biggest consumer of energy in the country. While it mostly uses electricity and diesel but now using alternate sources of energy like wind, solar, CNG and Bio fuels. Referring to the energy scenario in the country, he said that while India is making vigorous efforts to use alternate sources of energy like solar energy, wind geo thermal, bio fuels but our dependence on fossil fuel will continue for many years. Therefore it is imperative that problems and challenges arising out of carbondioxide emissions are addressed approximately. Global efforts in this direction, particularly during last ten years, have raised some optimism that in coming years Carbon Capture and Storage could become a reality and very soon thereafter could even become cost effective. All efforts have to be mobilized to see that these technologies become relevant for developing economies to adapt. It is should be the responsibility of developed economies to share the findings of various researches, so that these become affordable for developing economies. Indian Industry and Research Institutions have also to do and contribute much more than they have been doing so far.

Shri Shahi, while introducing the book mentioned that even though the Carbon Capture and Storage Technology might take some time to be cost effective, it is important that Indian industry consuming coal become responsive towards research and technology development. There is a need for networking and integrating global efforts in this direction.

Dr. Malti Goel while explaining the concept of carbon capture said that “ Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is among the advanced energy technologies suggested to make the conventional fossil fuel sources environmentally sustainable. It is of particular importance to coal –based economies. Emphasizing the importance of this sustainable technology Anupama Jauhary Head TERI Press said that TERI is committed toward finding innovative solutions for a sustainable future and our latest publication provides a possible climate change solution for energy industry. She also hoped Carbon Capture, Storage ad Utilization will prove beneficial for the readers in their research and academic pursuits.

The climate change concerns arising from combustion and increasing accumulation of green house gases have given rise to the need for development of clean energy technologies; and CO 2 mitigation is one of them. While increasing use of solar energy for CO2 management is taking place leading to social transformations, among its different options CCSU is receiving attention as an emerging energy technology from both scientific community and policy makers.


Indian Railways Now Seeks Suggestions from Public for Increasing its Revenue and Related Subjects

Suresh Prabhu Appreciates & Thanks Public for their Overwhelming Response on Budget Related Suggestions Sought Earlier

Will Spare No Efforts to make Railways A Veritable Engine of Growth: Suresh Prabhu

The Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has been emphasizing on the need to make Indian Railways citizen oriented, so that citizens can provide inputs on various aspects on railways to improve services in railways. It is also in line with the approach of Hon’ble Prime Minister on the matter of participative governance.

The Indian Railways seeks suggestions and ideas from the public for increasing its revenue and related subjects. Public can send their suggestions or ideas on Ministry of Railways’ official website i.e. on following issues;-

·                     Suggestions to increase revenue/new avenues streams for Indian Railways.
·                     Suggestions to reduce other expenditure over Indian Railways.
·                     Suggestions to reduce purchase cost of fuel.
In addition, the Indian Railways is already connecting with the people through its social media platforms namely Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with the common URL:@RailMinIndia, Citizens can also give their suggestions using these platforms.

Earlier, the Ministry of Railways has invited suggestions from the public for the forthcoming Railway Budget 2015-16. There has been an overwhelmingly response from the public and  several suggestions have been received on different subjects which included computerization, electrical, electrification of lines, finance, foot over bridges, freight, Infrastructure, innovative ideas and railway lines, Road Over/Under Bridges, crime prevention, safe running of trains/Disaster Management, tourism related services, new trains, extension of trains, augmentation of trains, frequency of trains, pantry cars & catering etc.

The Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has appreciated the public for their response and thanked them for their concern and cooperation. In a statement Shri Suresh Prabhu has said “I thank all of you for giving ideas on the website. I fully appreciate your desires to make the Railways better in the shortest possible time which is, in fact, my mission too.  However, any change that we need to put in, has to be calibrated, properly sequenced and implemented in a systematic manner. There definitely exist constraints of resources which are counterbalanced by the growing aspirations and rising expectations of the people at large.  I am fully cognizant of this.  Let me therefore recommit myself to this important nation building task and make the Railways rise to meet with the expectations of a large number of people.  This is the most urgent item on my agenda and I will spare no efforts in putting all our combined might for the Railways to become a veritable engine of growth.  For accomplishing this mammoth task, I count on the cooperation of all my 13 lakh colleagues of Indian Railways”. 


Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu addresses 30,000 CPWD employees through video-conferencing; first time in 160 years

Minister urges employees to change image of CPWD through a four pronged approach

Stresses on timely completion of projection, zero tolerance to corruption, transparency and accountability

Minister of Urban Development Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu today reached out to all the 30,000 employees of the public sector construction major Central Public Works Department (CPWD), sharing his concerns over the functioning of the organization and urging them for a change over in the public perception about it. For the first time in the history of the 160 year old CPWD, Shri Naidu addressed all its employees at 33 locations in the country through video-conferencing and live web streaming.

Shri Venkaiah Naidu insisted that CPWD needs to achieve a makeover in its working and public perception through timely completion of projects, zero tolerance to corruption, transparency and accountability. During the interaction that lasted over an hour, Shri Naidu directed top brass and all the employees of CPWD to ensure:

1.Payments are made from April, 2015 to contractors only after social and third party audit of works costing more than Rs.5.00 cr;

2.Only Online payments by all the 274 divisions from April, 2015 which is now being done by half of them;

3.Introduction of Bio-metric attendance markers in all the circle and field units by December,2015; 4.All project managers to reside at the site of work;

5.All cases of pending promotions to be cleared by February this year.

Shri Venkaiah Naidu noted that Prime Minister’s suggestion of enhancing ‘Skills, Speed and Scale’ is most suited to CPWD given its scale of operations, skills required and speedy delivery of services and should be adopted forthwith to survive the growing competition.

The Minister noted that as a part of ongoing efforts to streamline functioning of CPWD all relevant information about 7,000 projects costing over Rs.30,000 cr has been placed in public domain. He assured the employees that CPWD and the Ministry would do the needful to create better working conditions of its employees.

Informing them that he will interact with all of them once in three months, Shri Naidu urged them to rise to the occasion collectively and assured them there would not be any interference in their working.

Shri Venkaiah Naidu interacted with senior officers and others from 15 locations seeking their views on working conditions, areas of improvement required, progress of various works, changed brought about during the last eight months etc.

Shri Shankar Aggarwal, Secretary(UD), Shri B.B.Bhatia, DG, CPWD, Shri Praveen Prakash, Joint Secretary, Ministry of UD and other senior officials participated in the interaction session.
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