Sustainable Development of Mining Area

Sustainable Development of Mining Area
The Minister of State for Mines and Steel, Shri Vishnu Deo Sai has said that the Government had introduced the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2011 (Bill) in the Lok Sabha which had provisions for National Sustainable Development Framework to empower the Central Government to institutionalize a statutory mechanism for ensuring sustainable mining with adequate concerns for environment and socio-economic issues in the mining areas. The National Sustainable Development Framework, inter-alia, included the following:

(i) specification of factors and parameters influencing sustainable and scientific mining;
(ii) broad criteria beyond which mining may not be deemed sufficiently sustainable or scientifically manageable;
(iii) systemic measures needed to be taken or built-in to increase sustainability of mining operations considering its entire life cycle, inter alia,—
(a) ensuring minimal adverse impact on quality of life of the local communities;
(b) protecting interests of affected persons including host population;
(c) creating new opportunities for socio-economic development including for sustainable livelihood;
(d) mineral conservation both in terms of mining technologies or practices and mineral beneficiation;
(e) reduction in waste generation and related waste management practices and promotion of recycling of materials;
(f) minimising and mitigating adverse environmental impacts particularly in respect of ground water air, ambient noise and land;
(g) ensuing minimal ecological disturbance, in terms of bio-diversity, flora, fauna and habitat;
(h) promoting restoration and reclamation activities so as to make optimal use of mined out land for the benefit of the local communities;
(i) measurable indicators of sustainable development;
(j) consultative mechanisms with stakeholder groups right from pre- mining stages through the life cycle and up to post-closure stages to ensure stakeholder groups involvement and participation in identifying and addressing the sustainability issues; and
(k) system of public disclosure of mining related activities and environmental parameters including indicators and mechanisms to facilitate formal and informal sustainability audits.

In a written reply in the Lok Sabha today, Shri Vishnu Deo Sai said that the Bill lapsed with dissolution of the Fifteenth Lok Sabha.
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