Indian Naval Academy Hosts

Indian Naval Academy Hosts

The Admiral’s Cup Regatta – 2014

            The fifth edition of the Admiral’s Cup Regatta, a prestigious annual international sailing event will be conducted at the Ettikulum Bay, Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala, from 08 to 14 Dec 2014The Regatta will see trainees from seventeen international Naval Academies compete in sailing at the Ettikulum Bay on Laser (Radial) class sail-boats.
            The Indian Navy instituted the ‘Admiral’s Cup Regatta’ as a ‘Fleet Race’ in a single crew Olympic class ‘Laser-Radial’ sail boat in 2010. Naval academies of friendly foreign countries across the world were invited to participate in the event. Admiral’s Cup Regatta 2013, saw participation from thirteen foreign Naval Academies, whilst this year the INA has already received confirmations from seventeen countries viz., Australia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, China, Egypt, France, Fiji, Germany, Mauritius, Oman, Saudi Arabia, SouthAfrica, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, USA, United Kingdom, in addition to India. The participating teams will be competing in nine races spread over three days with each country being represented by two boats. The coveted ‘Admiral’s Cup’ would be awarded to the best team winning the championship on the basis of their combined performance. In addition, individual medals will also be awarded. The Admiral’s Cup Regatta 2013 was won by United Arab Emirates.
            The teams are scheduled to arrive INA today. The teams will be provided two days for practice racing on the 09 & 10 December, followed by the opening ceremony for the event in the evening of 10 December. The racing days from 11 December onwards will be followed with a closing ceremony on 13 December. Admiral’s Cup Regatta-2014 is expected to be more exciting and challenging with the participation from countries like China, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and USA for the first time.

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