Exacting Quantities & Qualities

Exacting Quantities & Qualities Stated by Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation in 2014 

Year end review 2014

The Ministry as the nodal agency for planning and facilitating the integrated development of statistical system in the country has been fulfilling its mandate. It has been monitoring implementation of Twenty Point Programme (TPP) and Central Sector Infrastructure Projects costing Rs.150 crore and above, besides implementation of Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).

  The Statistics Wing had been fulfilling the following responsibilities:

(i)   acting as the nodal agency for planned development of the statistical system in the country

(ii)  laying down and maintains norms and standards in the field of statistics

(iii)  coordinating the statistical work in respect of the Ministries/Departments of the Government of India and State Statistical Bureaus (SSBs)

(iv)   Preparing national accounts (including Gross Domestic Product) as well as publishing annual estimates of national product, Government and Private final consumption expenditure, Capital Formation, Savings, etc.  and comparable estimates of State Domestic Product (SDP)

(v)   compiling and releasing Consumer Price Index (CPI) Numbers and Annual Inflation rates based on these CPI numbers

(vi)  maintaining liaison with International Statistical Organizations, such as, the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD), ESCAP, the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), IMF, ADB, FAO, ILO, etc

(vii)   compiling and bringing out reports as per the international/regional commitments such as Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) India Country Report and SAARC Development Goals India Country Report

(viii)  compiling and releasing the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) every month; conducting the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI); and providing statistical information to assess and evaluate the changes in the growth, composition and structure of the organised manufacturing sector

(ix)   organizing and conducting periodic all-India Economic Censuses and follow-up enterprise surveys

(x)   conducting large scale all-India sample surveys for creating the database needed for studying the impact of specific problems for the benefit of different population groups in diverse socio-economic areas, such as employment, consumer expenditure, housing conditions and environment, literacy levels, health, nutrition, family welfare, etc.

     The Programme Implementation Wing had the following responsibilities:

(i)   monitoring of the Twenty Point Programme (TPP)

(ii)   monitoring the performance of the country’s eleven key infrastructure sectors, viz., Power, Coal, Steel, Railways, Telecommunications, Ports, Fertilizers, Cement, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Roads and Civil Aviation

(iii)   monitoring of all Central Sector Projects costing Rs.150 crore and above

(iv)  Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).

A.  Accordingly in the Ministry of Statistics & Programme  Implementation during 2014

 Ø   The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the First Revised Estimates of National Income, Consumption Expenditure, Savings and Capital Formation for 2012-13 on 31st January, 2014 and Advance Estimates of National Income for 2013-14 on 7th February, 2014. Four Quarterly estimates of GDP have also been released in 2014.

Ø   CSO has been released Consumer Price Index [CPI (Rural/Urban/Combined)] with base 2010=100 at State/UT and all India levels and Annual inflation rates based on all India general Consumer Price Index (Combined) on point to point basis every month during 2014.

 Ø   CSO has been releasing Index of Industrial Production (IIP) every month during 2014, which depicts the growth of industrial sector.

Ø   Results for Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) 2011-12 were released on 20th March 2014. ASI is the principal source of industrial statistics in India, which provides statistical information to assess and evaluate, objectively and realistically, the changes in the growth, composition and structure of organized manufacturing sector comprising activities related to manufacturing processes, repair services, gas and water supply and cold storage.

 Ø   Besides, CSO has released the following Reports during 2014

            i.         Statistical  Year Book India -  2014

             ii.         India in Figures - 2014

             iii.         Release of Energy Statistics-2014

             iv.         Release of Infrastructure Statistics - 2014

               v.         Women and Men in India - 2014

               vi.         Millennium Development Goals - India Country Report 2013

                  vii.         Compendium of Environment Statistics 2013

                 viii.         SAARC Social charter/SAARC Development Goals- India Country Report-2014

Ø   Besides the publication of 97th issue of ‘Sarvekshana’ and release of Unit Level Data for NSS 68th & 69th Rounds, NSSO released  the following 11  Reports during 2013-14:


§     Based on NSS 66th Round (July 2009- June 2010), Reports on

       i.      Employment and Unemployment Situation Among Major Religious Groups in India
    ii.      Employment and Unemployment Situation in Cities and Towns in India

 §     Based on NSS 68th Round (July 2011- June 2012), Reports on

    i.   Key Indicators of Employment and Unemployment in India 2011-2012
    ii.   Key Indicators of Household Consumer Expenditure in India 2011-2012
    iii.   Employment and Unemployment Situation in India

     iv.   Level and Pattern of Consumer Expenditure 2011-12

§     Based on NSS 69th Round (July 2012- Dec. 2012), Reports on

(i)     Key Indicators of Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Housing Conditions in India

(ii)   Key Indicators of Urban Slums in India

 Based on  NSS 70th Round (January 2013 to December 2013), Reports on

(i)     Land and Livestock Holdings in India

(ii)   All India & Investment

(iii) Situation Assessment of Agricultural Households

Ø     PI Wing released the following Reports during 2014

 (i)             Flash Report on Central Sector Projects every month 

(ii)           Flash Report for the Mega Projects (costing Rs 1000 crore and above) every month

(iii)          Review Report of Infrastructure Sector Performance

(iv)         Capsule Report on Infrastructure Sector Performance

(v)           Quarterly Project Implementation Status Report

(vi)         Capsule Report of TPP every month

(vii)        Annual MPR of TPP for April 2013- March 2014

(viii)      Quarterly Report of TPP for April 2013 - March 2014

Ø      A  Data Users Workshop to understand the needs and expectations of users in the field of Industrial Statistics, National Accounts and Price Statistics was organized on 2nd July, 2014 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. A large number of participants from a wide cross-section including students, researchers, and representatives of private economic institutions, industry associations, media houses and government organizations participated. Recommendations regarding early dissemination of data and easy access to disaggregated data were made.

Ø      Provisional results of Sixth Economic Census (EC) were released in New Delhi on 30th July, 2014. Fieldwork of the census was conducted during January, 2013 to April, 2014 in collaboration with States/UTs. All India Report of the sixth Economic Census is expected to be released by March 2015.

Ø    Web-based system for collection of Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) data has been introduced. This will integrate data collection, validation and report generation, which will facilitate quicker release of results.

Ø      The Ministry started the release of Consumer Food Price Index (CFPI) since May, 2014 in order to give a clear picture of the movement of retail prices in respect of food items. These indices are released along with the Consumer Price Indices, being released separately for Rural and Urban areas, as also Combined for both the areas, on the 12th of the following month.

Ø      As a part of the mechanism set up by the Government for coordinating the activities in the field of statistics in different States/UTs and at the Centre, the Ministry organizes Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations (COCSSO) every year. The 22nd COCSSO was organized during 13-14 November 2014. The conference made recommendations for improving statistics at District level, and enhancing human resources for statistics work, their capacity building etc.

Ø    India has been observing 29th June every year since 2007 as Statistics Day to mark the birth anniversary of late Professor P.C. Mahalanobis, in recognition of the contribution made by him in the field of Economic Planning and Statistics. The 8th Statistics Day was organized on 29th June, 2014 at National as well as State level with main function at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi for communication and advocacy of official statistics.

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