Literature and News-Itemsboth are Likely to form Baseline for Cinema

Literature and News-Items both are Likely to form Baseline for Cinema
A brainstorming panel discussion on ‘have newspapers replaced literature as a source for cinema’ concluded at 45th IFFI today. Most of the panelists opined that although a trend for picking up newspaper-headlines as raw-material for movies has emerged of late, yet the literature has not altogether vanished from the cinema. Initiating the discussion, senior film critic Ratnottama Sen gupta put forth the common perception that cinema today was losing seriousness after it started borrowing less from the literature. She however termed the discussion as the first such interaction between the film critic circle on one hand and media as a whole on the other. She said, it’s a paradox that film criticism, most of the times talks about actors and their lifestyle but remains silent on the hurdles, commercial viability and infrastructure available to the cinema.

ShiladityaSen, a senior film journalist expressed his concern over lack of aesthetics and cinema language in the regional films. He said,there are two awards for ‘original screenplay’ and for ‘adapted screenplay’ that would enthuse filmmakers to write their own films. Odiafilm director SabyasachiMohapatra structured his film AdimBichar on SahityaAkademi winner but found it difficult to release it in theatres because it was seen as serious film, he said.

Malayalam litterateur, script writer and filmmaker MadhuEravankara pointed out that the filmmaker is the one who decides to use literature as source material. He however said that only the person who knows the difference between both the art of cinema and the art of literature can make a good film from literature.

A journalist turned filmmaker,Ms. Sudeshna Roy was of the opinion that there was not a clear cut demarcating line between the contemporary news item and the source of literature itself. She said,the problem of today that reflects in a news item can form the baseline of literature and even of classical literature of tomorrow. Citing an example of writings of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya she told, the issues he raised in his literature were contemporary during his own time but today made his literature a classic one.
Literature and News-Itemsboth are Likely to form Baseline for Cinema Literature and News-Itemsboth are Likely to form Baseline for Cinema Reviewed by Ajit Kumar on 9:16 AM Rating: 5

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