Multipurpose Cards to all Employees

Health Medical and Family Welfare Department – Enrolment of beneficiaries both Employees and Pensioners along with dependents on EHF portal - Instructions to adopt e-Seva rates for enrolment under Employees Health Care Fund Scheme (EHF) –
Orders – Issued.
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G.O.Rt.No.1837 Dated: 27-12-2012.
In the G.O.1st cited, the Govt. have issued orders for implementation of Employees Health Care Fund Scheme (EHF) to provide comprehensive Health Care to all Government Employees, Pensioners and their family members on cashless basis through an appropriate scheme in lieu of the present Medical reimbursement system under the Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972 .
2. In the G.O.2nd cited, the Government have also issued orders for operational guidelines for implementation of Employees Health Care Fund Scheme.
3. In the letter 3rd cited, the Director, ESD (mee-seva) has informed that the transaction charges for enrolment of health cards are Rs.35/- for each Employee/ Pensioner and Rs.15/- for each family members/dependent who intends to use meeseva
services. The cost of each physical application form if needed, will be sold at Rs.2/-(4 pages) at mee-seva centres. This service is optional. The Chief Executive Officer, Aarogyasri Health Care Trust has requested the Government to issue instructions to District Collectors to adopt e-seva rates for employees / pensioners applications for enrolment of health cards at mee-seva / AP Online centres as an additional facility to the employees /pensioners, whoever approaches the mee-seva for enrolment.
4. The Government after careful examination of the matter and keeping in view the convenience of the beneficiaries under the scheme, the following orders are hereby issued.
i) the District Collectors shall take necessary action to adopt e-seva rates for employees/pensioners applications for enrolment of Health Cards at mee-seva/ AP Online centres as an additional facility to the employees/pensioners, whoever approaches the mee-seva for enrolment.
ii) the transaction charges for enrolment of Health Cards are Rs.35/- for each Employee/Pensioner and Rs.15/- for each family members/dependent who intends to use mee-seva services.
iii) the cost of each physical application form if needed, will be sold at Rs.2/-(4pages) at mee-seva centres.
5. The Chief Executive Officer, Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, Hyderabad / All the District Collectors and the Director, ESD (Mee-Seva) shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.


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Cir Memo No.N1/16008/2011                                                                     Dt.05-03-2012

                Sub: T&A Dept – Issue of multipurpose cards to all employees –                                                                                                                                                          
                                            Certain  instructions  - Issued – Reg.
                Ref: DTA AP Cir Memo No.N1/16008/2012, Dt. 23-02-2012.
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It is informed that the Deputy Directors of District Treasury, Kadapa, Anantapur, Krishna and Rangareddy were instructed to  take up the capturing of data in the forms provided in this department website viz.  for issue of multipurpose cards to the employees. However, it was instructed to capture the data for T&A Department employees of their units only. Employees of other treasuries also did some sample uploads.
                In this connection, it is informed that the application is running smoothly and hence it is decided to capture the data of all employees.
                In view of the above, all Deputy Directors of District Treasuries are hereby requested to take up capturing of data in respect of all employees of T&A Department in their units. Similarly, the Treasury Officers shall advise the DDO’s of all other departments to take necessary steps to capture the said data in respect of employees under their jurisdiction immediately. The Treasury Officers shall encourage all the DDOs to complete the data upload early. In the initial phases, the Treasury Officers shall take the responsibility of guiding all others to facilitate implementation of the project.
                The application from can be accessed as follows.
·         Go to website
·         Click on “ Net services to public”
·         Click on “ employee operations”
·         Click on “Multi purpose employee Card”
The instructions to fill up the forms are annexed to this circular memo.
This may be treated as Most Urgent.
                                                                Sd/-N.C.Nagrjuna Reddy

Employees Health Care – Cashless treatment to Government Employees, Pensioners and their
family members – Constitution of the Technical Committee – Orders – Issued.
G.O. Ms. No. 1049                                                                               Dated: 31 May 2011
Read the following:
Govt. Letter No.16977/M2/2010-2, HM&FW (M2) Department, dated: 12.05.2011
1. The Government has decided to provide comprehensive health care to all Government
Employees, Pensioners, and their family members, on cashless basis through an appropriate
scheme in lieu of the present medical reimbursement system. In order to implement the Scheme
effectively, the Government has held a series of meetings with the Joint Action Committee of
Employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners, and A.P. Secretariat Employees’ Co-ordination
Committee representatives to discuss the scheme and its implementation modalities. Based on
the inputs received during these meetings, the Government has decided to operationalise the
scheme for comprehensive health care for employees, pensioners and their families in a time
bound manner.
2. Accordingly, the Government hereby constitute a Committee with the following members to analyse all aspects of the scheme and make comprehensive recommendations for its effective implementation:
1 Smt. Y. Srilakshmi, IAS Commissioner of Health& Family Welfare Chairperson
2 Dr. Venkatesh, Principal, Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad Member
3 Dr. Rammohan, Prof. of Surgery, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad Member
5 Dr. Sai Babu, Additional Director (Population Stabilisation), Commissionerate of Health & Family                                                                                                                   Welfare, Hyderabad Member
6 Dr. P. Padmaja, Superintendent, Govt. Maternity Hospital, Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad Member
7 Dr. Ranganath, Professor of Paediatrics, Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad Member
8 Dr. G. Balaramaiah, President, Indian Medical Association Member
9 Dr. P. Visweswara Rao, President, APNA Member
10 Dr. Bhaskar Rao, President, A.P. Speciality Hospitals Association Member
11 The Addl. Secretary/Joint Secretary to Government, General Administration (SW) Department
12 The Addl. Secretary/ Joint Secretary to Government, Finance (Expr.M&H) Department
13 The Joint Secretary to Government, HMFW Department Member
14 The Additional Director of Medical Education, O/o Director of Medical Education, Hyderabad
15 The Joint Director (Medical), O/o Director of Medical Education, Hyderabad Member
16 The Joint Commissioner (Medical), O/o Commissioner, A.P. Vaidya Vidhana Parishad, Hyderabad Member
17 The Chief Executive Officer, Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, Hyderabad Member-Convener

3. The Committee will conduct a series of focus group discussions with specialists from the
Government and Private Hospitals, representatives of employees and pensioners, with the
administrators of the private and public sector hospitals, experts on health insurance, health
economists, IRDA officials and insurance companies to consider all aspects of the scheme and
make appropriate recommendations on the following Terms-of-Reference (TOR):

a) Define the contours and content of comprehensive health cover for employees – both
current and retired – and their families, duly considering the benefits provided under the
existing regime;

b) Review the existing medical reimbursement scheme with reference to its coverage,
content, costs, methodology, institutional arrangements, etc., and recommend
appropriate design in terms of coverage – diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative, supportive
care - quality of care, cost of care, institutional architecture for efficient management of
cashless medical packages in order to extend the coverage to all employees and
pensioners eligible under the existing reimbursement scheme.

c) Defining the packages for high-end high cost procedures such as replacement and
transplant surgeries.

d) Identify, design and recommend protocols and packages for chronic ailments such as
Hypertension, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc., requiring long term on out-patient
basis and recommend the content of preventive health check-ups.

e) Methodology for approval of treatment costs above the financial limit prescribed by the
Government and the modalities for treatment outside the state for employees and
pensioners living in boarder districts and outside the State, including New Delhi.

f) Examine the existing referral system and recommend appropriate system for the referral
of employees – both serving and retired – and their family members, along the health
service system.

g) Recommend the most effective and efficient institutional architecture for implementation
of the scheme

h) Indentify and enumerate the risk factors that could affect the implementation of the

i) Any other matter that the Committee deems appropriate based on its deliberations with
stakeholders and experts.

4. The Committee is advised to obtain necessary technical advisory services from the
National Health Systems Resource Centre (NHSRC), Administrative Staff College (ASCI),
Access-Health International, ISB, Gachibowli, etc., as deem appropriate. The Committee is
required to complete its deliberations with all stakeholders and experts and submit a
comprehensive report on or before 30 June 2011. The Government directs that all costs incurred
for technical consultations and advisory services shall be paid from the Arogya Sri Trust funds.

5. While the above process is under way, the Government directs the Chief Executive
Officer of Arogya Sri Health Care Trust to launch the process for issue of Health Cards for the
serving and retired employees and their families in consultation with all concerned.

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  1. Thanks a ton for taking me to very helpful and got this at right time., Office Memo Format

  2. Sir, i am an unmarried govt employee and staying in room with colleagues at Nandyal .Me and my family membs dont have aadhar cards. Now govt is issuing aadhar card applications in nandyal. but not issuing at my home town proddatur. So myself can only take adhar card . without adhar cards can my family members(Mother father and brother) claim health card benefits or they also should have adhar cards ? plz reply anyone,,,,,Thanking you in advance........ my mail id

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  4. Dear sir this is regarding the application for the retired teachers pensioneers. My father expired and my mother is getting the pension. Please guide us how to get the application for the medical cards. Earliar we have filled a form online which they are not accepting and now they are asking for another form. I have just downloaded the form from the above GO. But i could not find any columns for the expired person. Please guide me. Thanks a lot once again for maintaining this Blog. If possible please SMS me ur mobile number so that i can talk to u if ur free.
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